In vegetable production, microbial fertilizer (bacterial fertilizer), such as Jinbao biological fertilizer, combined with a certain amount of quantitative fertilizer, not only has obvious effect of increasing yield, but also has obvious control effect on nitrate content of vegetables, compared with single application of chemical fertilizer (ammonia). Reduced by 42.5%. Therefore, the combination of microbial fertilizer and chemical fertilizer (ammonia) is of great practicality for vegetable production.

The role of biological fertilizers in environmental protection cannot be underestimated. With the development of industrial and agricultural production, the improvement of people's living standards, the discharge of various solid wastes has increased significantly. These organic wastes are likely to cause pollution after entering the environment, seriously affecting environmental sanitation and quality of life, and occupying a large amount of land. All kinds of domestic garbage are decomposed and rot are easy to spread diseases. The biological treatment of these solid wastes mainly uses micro-growth to decompose organic pollutants. Therefore, it is the most economical and effective way to make full use of the characteristics, functions and functions of various effective microorganisms to produce municipal fertilizers and agricultural and livestock residues to produce biological fertilizers.

The method: First, a large amount of domestic garbage on the urban surface is used as a fertilizer, and after processing, it is processed into a microbial organic compound fertilizer by the factory. The second is the processing and production of special microbial fertilizers (bacteria agents) for the supply of various materials in the composting plant (field). It speeds up the fermentation process and shortens the composting cycle, as well as improving compost quality and maturity. In addition, microbial fertilizers can also be used as soil purifying agents. For example, the treatment of halogenated organic waste with onion bacteria and microbial agents has achieved remarkable results.
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