Value for the development of China's abrasives industry, our network and the three major associations of abrasives and abrasives industry to continue to do a good job in the industry, specially hired industry-renowned experts and scholars to serve as long-term consultants of our network. The consultant profiles are now published as follows:   Prof. Li Yinjiang, Consultant of China Abrasives Network
  Li Yinjiang, male, professor-level senior engineer, graduated from Tianjin University in 1962, majoring in electrochemistry and silicate. Graduation was assigned to the first grinding wheel factory (Shenyang Sujiatun), engaged in the research and development of abrasive abrasive manufacturing technology. In 1980, he was transferred to Zhengzhou. He served as deputy director of the Materials College of Henan University of Technology (formerly Zhengzhou Industrial College) and director of the technical department of China Abrasives Import and Export Corporation. During the period, he once opened the “Abrasive Abrasives Workers University” and held the “Abrasive Abrasives Secondary School” with Shenyang No.1 Grinding Wheel Factory, which has trained a large number of abrasive abrasive manufacturing professionals for China.
Professor Li has long been engaged in the research and development of the manufacturing technology of ordinary abrasive bonded abrasives. He is a professional of abrasive abrasives. He has authored and published many professional works of abrasives, mainly including: Abrasives Technical Manual and Materials Science. Technical Encyclopedia • Abrasives and Abrasives, “Ceramic Bonding Grinding Formula”, “Selection and Adjustment of Abrasive Formulas”, “Crystal Resin Abrasives Analysis Papers”, “Abrasive Formula Design Collections”, “Ceramics Resin Abrasives Analysis, etc. It has made important contributions to the development of China's abrasives industry, and has been loved and respected by people in the industry.
  Art Consultant of China Abrasives Industry Association Website---Introduction to Mr. Wang Zhonggui     Wang Zhonggui, male, art designer, former artist of China Second Wheel Factory. He used to be the first director of Shenzhen Baige Abrasives Industry Co., Ltd. Member of China Industrial Exhibition Association has participated in the exhibition work of more than 20 sessions of China's Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair and the exhibition of various provincial and municipal exhibitions. Designed and printed dozens of product samples and catalogues, Mr. Wang Zhonggui's calligraphy works were selected in the first calligraphy collection published by Zhengzhou Calligraphers Association in 1980. The first product sample of China's second grinding wheel factory comes from the hand of Mr. Wang Zhonggui. The factor is ten years in the abrasives and abrasives enterprises, and is familiar with abrasive abrasive products. It is good at product display, photography, modern decoration and calligraphy art. He has rich practical experience in exhibition, product sample design, magazine art layout. Introduction to Professor Wang Guangzu, Consultant of China Superhard Materials Network
  Wang Guangzu, male, professor-level senior engineer, Boyang, Jiangxi, graduated from the Chemistry Department of Wuhan University in 1956. Our famous superhard material experts enjoy special allowances from the State Council. One of the first synthetic diamond developers in China is the main person in charge of the synthetic process of synthetic welding machine (man-made diamond intermediate test project) in China. It creatively solves the high-pressure sealing problem of this type of press. It is a Chinese synthetic diamond. The main participants in industrial production are the participants and witnesses of the Chinese synthetic diamond industry from scratch, from small to large. In 1978, he won the National Science Conference and the Henan Science Conference Award respectively; in 1988, the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry won the first prize for scientific and technological progress; he successively completed 8 ministerial key projects. Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1989. The main monographs are "Superhard Material Manufacturing Technology", "Superhard Materials"; "Calcium Boron Nitride Synthesis and Application", "Diamond Synthesis System Engineering Questions and Answers", "Artificial Diamond Quest - Wang Guangzu's Proceedings". The editor-in-chief of "Superhard Materials Translation Collection" has 11 episodes, nearly one million words. He has been working hard for the research, production and development of Chinese synthetic diamonds for 40 years. Nowadays, he is still very concerned about the development of China's diamond industry from "big" to "strong" and nano-diamond, diamond film and other cutting-edge technologies. The development has made a significant contribution.
  China Abrasives Network Consultant---Introduction to Mr. Xia Yaofeng   Xia Yaofeng, male, senior engineer, has been engaged in the abrasives industry for more than 50 years. He was an engineering technician trained in Germany in the early days. He was the deputy director of the Abrasives Grinding Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the first synthetic diamond in China. Research (121 project) project director, former technical manager of China Abrasives Export Joint Venture Company, director and general manager of Shenzhen Zhengyuan Superhard Materials Development Co., Ltd., Abrasives and Abrasives Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association (including abrasives, superhard materials) , coated abrasives) the first secretary-general.
  China Abrasives Network Consultant---Introduction to Mr. Xia Yaofeng   China Abrasives Network Consultant---Introduction to Mr. Xia Yaofeng   China Abrasives Network Consultant---Introduction to Mr. Xia Yaofeng   Introduction to Professor Wang Guangzu, Consultant of China Superhard Materials Network
  Introduction to Professor Wang Guangzu, Consultant of China Superhard Materials Network


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