Belt filter presses are also classified. Our common belt filter presses are available in vertical and horizontal. The common point of vertical filter press, horizontal filter press and belt filter press is The filter cloth forms a pressure difference, allowing the liquid to percolate through the filter cloth, and the solid is intercepted by the filter cloth and blocked on the filter cloth. This article mainly introduces the main features of the vertical belt filter press, as follows:
First, the electronic sensor control automatic deviation and offset adjustment failure alarm, advanced technology, accurate and sensitive action, no damage to the mesh belt, double protection, increase the service life of the mesh belt;
Second, the host accessories (mud, water contact parts such as the main dewatering large screen roller (thickness 6mm), sink, water cover, fender, M12 below the screw, 5mm plate, etc.) are made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion ability for more than ten years;
Third, the unique overall layout and configuration, the sludge is concentrated and dehydrated into one, and the ultra-long filter makes the equipment have superior sludge filtration capacity;
Fourth, the combination of static and dynamic flocculation mixers, the agent and the sludge are evenly mixed, the dosage is about to be used, and the sludge flocculation effect is good;
5. The main part of the frame adopts the advanced thermal spraying treatment of today, its high strength, high acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion ability for more than ten years, pressure roller and guide roller and main drive roller, tension roller support bearing adopts fully sealed bearing seat , for more than five years, the surface of the roller body is wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant rubber.

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Sulphur Yellow Brown Mainly used for dyeing and winding dyeing on cotton, jute, viscose, polyvinyl alcohol fibre and polyester, polyamide fibre, especially used for rolling dyeing. It is uniform and stable in colour, good permeability when dyeing without any fragile treatment.
sulphur yellow brown is also used for dyeing on Leather and original viscose fibre.Storage and transportation, It must be store in drying and ventilation preventing from sunlight directly.

Sulphur Yellow Brown

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