There is a root carving at home, and the grade of the entire home will be very different. The wooden handicraft root carving is a very beautiful piece of art. They can be carved into different shapes and styles, all of which are very delicate. And it has a very good decorative effect, so it is also very suitable for the decoration of the living room. Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a very beautiful wooden handicraft flower shelf, and to see how it made our living room more beautiful.

1 Gendiao art goes back to ancient times

The development of wooden handicraft root carving art in China can be described as a long history. As early as in the primitive society, people would already have carved wood ornaments.

In 1982 when the Jingzhou Museum of Hebei Province cleared the Ma Tomb No. 1 Chu tomb, he discovered the wooden handicraft root carving works of the Warring States period, “Evil Evil”. According to the research of the national cultural relics department, the artifacts were produced in the late Warring States period from about 340 BC to about 270 BC and 2300 years ago. It is a four-footed monster with a tiger's head, a dragon's body, and a rabbit's tail. It is full of dynamic charm with quaint and simple colors.

In the Sui and Tang dynasties, the development of the root arts has tended to prosper. In "Li Bi Chuan", Li Mi made a record of the "dragon claws" dedicated to the emperor using natural tree roots. In the period of Qing Dynasty, the works of root art “Yuling Kirin” and “Phoenix” were displayed in Shanghai Yuyuan. These works "three-point man-made, seven-point heavens," show the charm of the root art works incisively and vividly.

Since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, the country has been rejuvenated, the economy has prospered, and the root arts industry has also flourished. After the "Root Art" documentary was filmed in 1983, the "China Root Art Exhibition" was held in the National Art Museum of China in 1985, and the Chinese Academy of Arts and Crafts Root Art Research Society was established, which brought the Chinese root art to formalization. Academic development path.

In September 1994, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, it was promoted from the Second Institute to the First Grade Society of China Federation of Literature and Arts, China Root Art Art Association. And more than 40 root art groups have been developed throughout the country. The root carving art manufacturers of wooden handicrafts in Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangsu provinces are increasing. The production of root arts has formed a certain scale, and the creative level of root arts has reached a new level. Moreover, it is favored by more and more people because of its unique and intriguing artistic appeal.

2 Recognize the root carve

The flower stand is actually a kind of furniture with both practical and decorative features that are common in people's lives. The root art of wooden handicrafts can be described as having a long history in China. The color of this flower stand is quaint and simple, it is very dynamic and it is very suitable for home life use. Therefore, Xiao Bian will introduce this beautiful wooden handicrafts to everyone today.

(1) Natural form

Compared with other arts, wooden handicrafts have some unique characteristics. The most outstanding one is its natural characteristics. In general, different kinds of arts are mostly created by subjective artists, but the root carvings of wooden handicrafts are not the same. This kind of art is mainly based on the natural forms of raw materials found.

(2) Value

The flower racks made of wooden handicraft root carvings are very particular about the selection of materials. Only when they meet certain characteristics can they be made into a beautiful flower stand. The root carving of a perfect wooden handicraft is a work of art. It has a very high collection value. Generally speaking, an ordinary flower stand is about a thousand dollars. Therefore, the value of the root carving of a wooden handicraft can also be seen from here. . So, I think this may be the reason why so many people love it.

The whole shape of this flower stand is just like the natural growth. The roots of the tree are like winding stones after decades of rain and rain. It has very good collection value. Natural odd-shaped roots are practical and beautiful at home, and they are highly appreciated. Each is a classic that cannot be copied. And these natural materials are also very green and environmentally friendly. They also have certain functions of soothing and regulating emotions for the human body.

Editor's Note: Wooden crafts are not only beautiful, but also represent the identity and taste, and the root carved flower rack is even more people can feel the uncanny workmanship of nature and human wisdom. Those who are interested in the root carving frame, go and choose their favorite root carving frame!

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