The abstract "lack of money" has always been a pain in the hearts of private enterprises. In particular, in the face of economic downward pressure, the market demand of private enterprises is insufficient, the business environment is deteriorating, and financing problems are becoming more prominent. To this end, governments and financial institutions at all levels have tried to intensively introduce...
"Lack of money" has always been a pain in the hearts of private enterprises. In particular, in the face of economic downward pressure, the market demand of private enterprises is insufficient, the business environment is deteriorating, and financing problems are becoming more prominent. To this end, governments and financial institutions at all levels have tried to intensively introduce financial support policies to protect enterprises. However, the inspection found that some areas still have difficulties in financing and financing. What financing opportunities are faced by private enterprises? What difficulties does this bring to the operation? What positive explorations have been carried out in various places when the financing is “difficult and expensive”? Recently, the reporter has visited the front line with the State Council inspection team to listen to corporate financing demands and understand local effective practices.

How difficult is it to raise private enterprises?
Financing is difficult, financing is expensive, and the comprehensive cost of loans is high.
Financing is difficult, and the financing of private small and micro enterprises is even more difficult.
Lijue Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of motorcycle complete vehicles and core accessories. "In this industry chain, only now we can lend money, and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises are basically unable to lend. Our line is pyramid-shaped and needs many small enterprises from the downstream to support. Before we had three months, Now dare to drag such a long time? 1 month immediately pay them to pay water and electricity, pay wages." Li Yun chairman Huang Yunbin said that the company did not dare to expand exports, because the export product arrival cycle is too long, just thinking Hurry to return money to the brothers. I intend to apply for a supply chain financing loan for upstream and downstream enterprises, but once the bank heard that Li Jue was a private enterprise, they let them give up.
The financing is expensive, and the high interest rate pressures the company to breathe.
"Going to a bank loan must have collateral, but now even with a full amount of collateral, the asset mortgage rate is getting lower and lower. Take the factory to mortgage, you can play 60% off before, now you can only play 40% off, The loan amount is seriously 'shrinking'." Li Chaogang, general manager of Chongqing Dazu Tongda Railway Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd., is the president of the local industry association, and is very worried about the financing of the company.
Li Chaogang calculated a fine account: Now go to the bank loan, find a third-party company to evaluate the enterprise assets, and find the bank to specify. They not only put the company's assets low, but also charge a low evaluation fee, plus the cost of review fees, registration fees, etc., the cost of corporate finance is higher than 13%, and the low is close to 10%. . If you count the cost of reversed loans during the renewal period, then it is even higher. “The interest on the bridge funds is about 2.5% per day, the loan is 10 million yuan, and the interest is 250,000 yuan a day. The operation is good, 5 to 7 days. There is also a month of dragging, how can this interest be sustained?"
This is not uncommon. In Jilin, from the data provided by the respondents, the bank’s loan interest rates for small and medium-sized private enterprises will generally rise above 30% on the basis of the benchmark interest rate. Together with guarantee fees and deposits, the comprehensive cost of small and medium-sized private enterprise loans is above 10%. .

What is the crux?
The credit policy is “one size fits all”, private enterprises are hard to enjoy the same treatment, the loan approval authority is too concentrated to solve the financing difficulties, financing expensive, good “blood transfusion” policy allows private enterprises to see hope, but some inherent constraints are still “clamping” Blood transfusion" pipeline.
Liquidity needs to be reviewed once a year and once a year, which has become a hurdle for companies to get every year. At present, most of the working capital loans provided by commercial banks to small and medium-sized enterprises are within one year. If enterprises want to renew their loans, they must repay the original loans. In order to repay loans, companies have to raise funds from multiple sources, and sometimes even find small loan companies or private institutions to borrow funds. “A lot of companies were originally operating normally, and finally they were on the renewal loan.” Lin Guorong, chairman of Jizhong Organic Food Co., Ltd. said.
Some banks have adopted a “one size fits all” credit policy for overcapacity industries, which has made it difficult for companies to say anything. Liu Shusen, executive vice president of Changchun Yatai Co., Ltd., told the inspection team: "Some industries are facing pressure to de-capacity, but it does not mean that they will not develop, and in the segmentation of the industry, many companies still have market competitiveness. Now some banks use the industry as the sole yardstick for lending, ignoring the qualifications and business conditions of enterprises. As long as enterprises belong to regulated industries, they will not be able to borrow money. This is very unreasonable."
Some places hold the old concept of "respecting public and private", making it difficult for private enterprises to enjoy the same treatment. In January of this year, Anbijie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. applied for a special construction fund of 192 million yuan, but there was a problem with the use of funds. "The money has already arrived, and all of them began to pay interest. Since we are private enterprises, local governments require that each time they use the money they must sign, and the funds they can't get can't be flexible according to their own needs." He Changbo, chairman of the company.
At present, the approval authority for bank loans is still too concentrated. Lei Yu, chairman of Houyu Casting Co., Ltd. said: "We talked with a bank about loans, saying that we would raise 20% of the loan by 20% according to the benchmark interest rate. Two months have passed. After the approval of the head office, the interest rate has risen by 80% according to the benchmark interest rate. Everything in the bank must be approved by the head office. However, the head office may not fully understand the facts of the grassroots. It is only said that the overcapacity industry will raise interest rates, which is unfair to us with such orders and good development."

Where is the solution?
Innovative ways to help private enterprises to pass the financing "mountain", increase credit for SME loans, establish a policy guarantee platform, provide legal services in the supervision, the reporter learned that local governments in order to resolve local corporate financing problems, can be described as painstaking, innovative There are many ways to help private enterprises to “mover the mountain”.
Guangdong Province is one of the most dynamic provinces in the private economy. In Guangdong, the government used the hands of the market to incite financial institutions and social funds to solve corporate financing difficulties. From 2015 to 2017, the provincial government coordinated the special fund of 6.6 billion yuan, implemented the credit risk compensation for science and technology, the provincial and municipal science and technology credit risk preparation fund pool, and the financing risk compensation platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide credit for SME loans. service.
Private enterprise loans are difficult, and it is difficult to lack guarantees. According to Jia Jiantao, deputy mayor of Harbin, Harbin set up a policy guarantee platform, the city's corporate credit financing guarantee service center, with a registered capital of 1.54 billion yuan. In 2015, it secured a loan guarantee of 13.27 billion yuan for 825 enterprises. In addition, it actively supported the development of private guarantee institutions, invested 25 million yuan to participate in Harbin Junxin Investment Guarantee Company, and increased the support for guarantee funds.
Fujian Province promotes financial products such as “tax and loan” and “tax eligibility”, grants unsecured loans to enterprises with good tax credit records, conducts pilot loans for small and micro enterprise loans, and adopts the “political and financial insurance” cooperation model to support compliance. Conditional businesses receive unsecured, unsecured loans.
Jiangsu Province has shown that the micro-enterprise “some of the old ones can be partially loaned new” has become a new loan-to-debt, saving more than 40.3 billion yuan for small and micro enterprises to “transfer the bridge”. At the same time, it set up a special fund of 650 million yuan for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promoted the bank to amplify credit, carry out “Succo loan”, and provide short-term low-interest credit loans to private technology enterprises. By the end of 2015, “Su Ke Loan” has issued loans of nearly 20 billion yuan to more than 3,000 private technology companies, so that these “skilled, no-silver” technology-based private small and medium-sized enterprises are in a good position.

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