Sichuan Chengdu Zhiyuan Furniture Factory's steel frame bed to get off the bed military iron bed phone 15108268082 Contact, up and down apartment bed, iron bed custom style. Sichuan Chengdu Zhiyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. establishes the files of all users, implements tracking and service, and regularly visits the users to understand some of the customer's quality problems. The technicians can provide the services and technical support to the customers at any time. One step forward. Sichuan Chengdu Zhiyuan's steel frame bed, apartment bed, military bed and other products are beautiful and colorful, with high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging material and long service life. After the product is installed and accepted by the user, the company provides users with product technical guidance on how to install, and steel products implement a one-stop form of long-term service.
product description

Name: 50 round tube single-layer apartment bed, steel frame bed, iron bed, student bed regular size Color: beige white Other colors can be customized Material: high quality iron pipe Thickness of steel pipe can also be thickened

General specifications: Regular size 2000*920*1600 2000*920*1750 1920*920*1600 1920*920*1750 2000*920*2200 (Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements)

Material requirements: a) Column: 50mm diameter round tube;

b) bed frame: 25*50mm square tube;

c) bed frame beam: square tube of 25*25 or 30*30;

d) guardrail: 19mm diameter pipe;

e) ladder: 25*25mm square tube;

Steel frame bed and apartment bed process requirements: 1, cold press forming; 2, carbon dioxide protection welding; 3, sulfuric acid degreasing and derusting; 4, surface rephosphorylation antirust treatment; 5, high voltage electrostatic powder coating; 6, high temperature baking paint

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Application Scope:
The floors that shall be anti-slip in such places as workshops,factories, parking lots,ramps,walkways,food factories,meat processing factories,kitchens in dinning halls and so on.
Product Features:
Coarse surface,anti-slip,no sand rising up and able to achieve good anti-skip result.
Excellent mildew,acid, alkali.salt erosion resistant and poison by-effect free.
Excellent endurance,strike resistance,seamless,dustproof,waterproof,and easy to clean.
Excellent adhesion,rich of color,offer standard colors or colors reordered by customers.

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