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Wardrobe, for many women, the importance is self-evident, the bigger the wardrobe, the more satisfied the woman, and even the transformation of the bathroom into a cloakroom. Large wardrobes and spacious cloakrooms can also cause troubles while satisfying the hostess's love of beauty: too many clothes cause deformation of the wardrobe door, and the cloakroom is often covered with dust... We will support you in the daily cleaning and maintenance of the wardrobe. Trick, so that you no longer have to worry about the wardrobe.

Cabinet moisture-proof sunscreen

Keep the indoors ventilated and dry. Frequent indoor ventilation allows the chemicals in the wooden closet to be volatilized as far as possible. It is common practice to open windows or doors frequently to convect air, or to use air conditioning systems and ventilation systems. At the same time, some desiccant can be placed in the corner of the closet to prevent the cabinet from being deformed and moldy. Also, do not place the closet in a place where the sun can be directed to avoid wood deformation and cracking.

Kerosene to black spots

When there is dust on the surface of the wardrobe, use a wool or soft cloth to remove dust; if there is stain on the surface, consider using a proper amount of neutral detergent or soapy water to wipe with a damp cloth, or use a wax to remove it, and avoid using corrosive Detergent, conditional can be used to maintain the veneer with wax. If it is found that there are black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, use a little kerosene to wipe. Do not flush the closet with hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant water, as this will damage the paint on the surface of the closet.

Do not use detergent for hardware

The joints of the closet should be inspected regularly and found to be tightened in time after loosening and a small amount of lubricating oil is injected. If the malfunction occurs due to disassembly and assembly, the wardrobe should be notified in time to assist the dealer. Metal parts such as cabinets and tie rods should be wiped with a soft cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners or acidic liquids.

Smooth placement

Place the wardrobe in a stable position to ensure that the function is used and to prevent damage to the structure. If it is often in a state of shaking and unstable after being placed, the long time will loosen the fastener and affect the service life of the wardrobe. If the ground is not flat, be sure to lay the bottom of the closet.

Ash treatment cabinet surface scratch

The cabinet surface, including the cabinet door, should be prevented from scratching the cabinet and door panel due to its appearance. If the surface is slightly scratched and bruised, it can be coated with a mixture of cloth soot and lemon juice or sand oil. Rub, dry and wax; if the scratch is deeper and the damage is more serious, you need to reconcile the same color paint. In addition, to prevent heavy objects from falling and hitting the track, the sealing of the cabinet should avoid touching water or other solvents, otherwise the phenomenon of edge-sealing will easily occur.

If it is a whole cloakroom, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

First, be a diligent person and clean up regularly. The overall cloakroom is a separate space that is easy to get into the dust and can easily stain the clothes if not cleaned regularly. The cloakroom is more equipped with an outside door, and the inside of the cabinet has no cover. Therefore, in order to prevent dust more effectively, it is generally recommended to put a layer of curtain on the cabinet or buy some storage with a cover and a wire opening. A box for placing small pieces of clothing that is both dust-proof and easy to pick and place.

Secondly, it is necessary to avoid moisture or corrosive gases and liquids remaining in the overall cloakroom, otherwise it will easily cause the cabinet to rot and destroy the integrity of the cloakroom. Moreover, the overall cloakroom is usually closed and not ventilated. If there is moisture or corrosive liquid remaining, it is easy to damage the cloakroom if it is not handled. In addition, like the general wardrobe, the whole cloakroom needs to be placed with some moisture-proofing agent during use to avoid the occurrence of insects and mold during the wet season.

It is mainly used for urban intersection, highway crossing, toll channel, garden, residential quarter, parking lot, garage, gas station and other places. It can also be used for separation of road racing road and separation of human road. All kinds of exhibition halls are isolated and used to maintain the order of the exhibition hall. It can also be used in sports field, to isolate the track, avoid other people to walk freely, and cause unnecessary injury.
The main materials are rubber, PVC, etc.

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