The study decoration is a decoration problem that many people who want to configure a study at home must pay attention to. The study is both an extension of the office and part of the home life. Its duality makes it a unique place in the home environment. The study itself emphasizes the special functions of the home office, so the study decoration needs a more serious working atmosphere. But the study is also part of the family environment, it must be integrated with other living rooms, revealing a strong sense of life.

Generally speaking, the walls and ceilings of the study should be elegant, bright and soft, such as light blue, light beige, and light green. The floor should be made of wood floor or carpet, and the wall material should be better with wallpaper, sheet and other sound-absorbing materials to achieve the quiet effect of the study.

The furniture of the study is mainly composed of writing desks and bookcases. First of all, it is necessary to ensure a large space for storing books. The depth of the bookcase should be 30 cm. Excessive depth wastes materials and space, which brings inconvenience to the book. The shelves and compartments of the bookcase can be made into any adjustment type, which can be adjusted as needed according to the size of the book.

The function and interval of the study vary from person to person. The bookcase and writing desk can be arranged in parallel, or can be placed vertically or connected to the two ends of the bookcase and the middle to form a reading and writing area. The variability of the study style has changed the shape and style of the study, so that people always have a sense of freshness and promote brain thinking.

“Static” is very necessary for the study, because people work much less efficiently in a noisy environment than in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study, you should use decorative materials with good sound insulation and sound absorption. The ceiling can be suspended by a sound-absorbing gypsum board. The walls can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing panels or soft-packed fabrics. The floor can be made of carpets with good sound-absorbing effect. The curtains should be thicker to block the noise outside the window.

The layout of the study should be as elegant as possible. In your study, don't just be a large bookcase, plus a large desk and a chair. You should fully integrate your taste into the decoration of your study, an art collection, and some paintings or photos that you love. A few of the hand-written ink treasures, even a few simple and simple handicrafts, can add a touch of elegance and freshness to your study.

The study, as the name suggests, is a room for books and reading. So there are many kinds of books, and there are often points of reading, not often reading and collecting books, so you should classify the books in a certain way, pay attention to a "order" word. If the writing area, the inspection area, the storage area, etc. are stored separately, this will improve the efficiency of the work even if the study is in order.

In the study room, there is a writing desk, a computer console, a bookcase, a chair, a sofa, and the like. The color and shape of the desk and chair should be carefully designed to make the sitting position reasonable and comfortable, and the operation is convenient and natural. Cool colors should be used as much as possible in terms of hue. The style should be elegant, simple, quiet and solemn. The bookcase is decorated with handicrafts and decorative paintings on the walls to break the slightly monotonous atmosphere in the study.

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