Manz successfully strengthens PERC solar cell production technology and further enhances its industry leadership position as a professional technology supplier

Manz professional process technology and equipment can help companies easily upgrade existing production lines into PERC solar cell production lines

CEO Dieter Manz said: “Manz has 25 years of experience in the solar industry and the major battery manufacturers in the world are basically our customers.”

In order to meet the global market demand for high-efficiency, low-cost solar cell surge, the world's leading high-tech equipment manufacturer Manz Technology has introduced an industry-leading cSi solar cell production solution with a conversion efficiency of 20.5%. With this advanced production solution, Manz has successfully optimized the production technology of crystalline silicon solar cells and further enhanced its industry leadership position as a professional technology provider. Manz will participate in the SNEC's 8th International Solar Energy Industry and Photovoltaic Exhibition (SNEC PV POWER EXPO) in Shanghai, May 20-22, 2014 with its advanced cSi production solutions.

Manz's next-generation production process utilizes the VCS 1200 Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) vertical vacuum coating system to deposit an alumina passivation layer on the back of the cell, combined with the Manz LAS 2400 laser hole opening technology, which helps battery manufacturers achieve high-efficiency crystals The large-scale production of silicon solar cells will reduce the cost of ownership to a minimum. Compared with similar systems in the market, Manz's easy-to-maintain, fully-automated equipment is smaller and more efficient, making it suitable for monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar cell production. Manz can provide customers with the necessary production equipment and process technology to help them upgrade their standard battery production lines to produce more efficient PERC batteries.

The Manz VCS 1200 system uses a new vertical process technology with a throughput of up to 1,200 wafers per hour. Thanks to its high-performance plasma and new carrier systems, the coating process does not leave any pinned or unplated areas on the silicon wafer, and this technological advantage is exactly what the systems of many other manufacturers do not have. In addition, the VCS 1200 system allows the PECVD layer to be deposited on one side without the occurrence of edge deposits on the other side. Manz's high-performance PECVD process technology ensures the best reproducibility of processing and the industry's highest solar cell efficiency and uniformity. Because the system's rapid cleaning concept allows battery manufacturers to clean process areas and vehicles outside the system, minimizing downtime is achieved. Unlike systems provided by other manufacturers, a dielectric passivation layer can be deposited only by a single VCS 1200 system. The system is not only easy to maintain, it can be easily integrated into existing battery production lines, achieving the industry's lowest cost of ownership in front, backside coating and carrier cleaning.

Also introduced with the VCS 1200 system is the Manz LAS 2400 laser opening system. This system can be used for the partial electrode opening of the backside passivation layer and is a simple, high-precision, high-output solution. Manz laser hole opening technology is a one-stop process that not only guarantees the lowest cost of ownership in this battery production process, but also enables the safe handling of silicon wafers, reducing the fragmentation rate to the lowest in the industry. The LAS 2400 system is modular and small in size, making it ideal for upgrading existing production lines. The total output of the system is 2,400 wafers per hour with an opening width of 30 to 100 μm. Manz silicon solar cell production solution combines all the advantages of VCS1200 and LAS2400, will be able to improve PERC solar cell efficiency to 20.5%!

In addition, Manz also provides the industry-leading IPSG CEI 4800 wet chemical processing tool, which can be combined with VCS 1200 and LAS 2400 production tools to form a complete technical solution. IPSG CEI 4800 is mainly used to remove heavily doped layers on the backside and edges of silicon wafers to form chemical edge removal (CEI). And in the next process, the phosphosilicate glass (PSG) layer remaining on the front surface of the silicon wafer during the previous diffusion process is removed. Due to the application of a soft sponge roller and the concept of minimizing substrate pressure, IPSG CEI 4800 can achieve the lowest fragmentation rate.

Dieter Manz, CEO and founder of Manz Group, stated: “China is currently the world’s largest solar cell producer and one of the largest consumer markets. Manz is proud to participate and witness the achievements of the Chinese solar industry. We are in solar energy. The industry has 25 years of rich experience, and the world's major battery manufacturers are basically our customers.Under the guidance of passionate, high-performance corporate philosophy, we have been keeping ahead of our competitors through continuous innovation, and PV SNEC 2014 gave us an ideal platform to showcase Manz's latest technology."

“Manz has been deeply committed to the Chinese market, providing first-class technology and services for our growing customer base in the Chinese market. In 2012, we established the 20,000-square-meter production base in Suzhou. Manz now has approximately 900 employees in Asia. Employees, of whom almost half are self-employed, will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market and work with our local business partners to jointly improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of their solar cell production lines."

In the photovoltaic industry, Manz focuses on the production processes and solutions for crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar modules. In crystalline silicon, Manz provides metallization, laser processing, wet chemical processing, and vacuum coating related production processes and equipment, while also providing automation solutions and testing and inspection expertise.

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