In order to comprehensively improve the level of safe production and management of enterprises and further promote the smooth implementation of the “Blue Sky Project,” the city organized and conducted a comprehensive inspection of construction safety production and dust control from May 6 to May 20. A total of 142 projects under construction were inspected, of which 63 were municipal demonstration sites, accounting for 44.36%; 25 were excellent municipal sites, accounting for 17.61%; 47 were qualified sites, accounting for 33.10%; 7 were unqualified sites, accounting for 4.93%. The inspection involved 75 construction units and 30 supervision units, and issued 126 correction notices for hidden dangers.

The inspection activity conducted a pull-net inspection on the construction projects in the central city, and carried out random checks on the construction of the remaining 10 counties and cities. The inspection includes construction fire prevention, staff certification, lifting, safety supervision, dust rectification, and migrant worker wage payment. The competent authorities of various counties and cities and the main parties involved in construction safety production focused on the implementation of the “Year of Responsibility for Safety Production” and other activities, fully implemented safety production responsibilities, and conscientiously carried out dust control work. The construction site safety management mechanism was continuously strengthened. The safety of the construction site and the civilized construction have risen steadily.

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