The "New Type Nuclear Grade Graphite Research" project undertaken by the Institute of Coal Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Leading Science and Technology Subproject, XDA02040204), under the research of the special graphite team led by Guo Quangui and Liu Zhanjun, research and development of nuclear graphite thermal physics The performance parameters meet the service requirements of the moderator graphite for liquid molten salt reactors, and its fine pore size structure can effectively block the infiltration of liquid graphite into nuclear graphite. Related results were prepared by ultrafine-grain graphite by liquid dispersion technique for inhibiting the Liquid fluoride salt infiltration was published in Carbon magazine (Carbon, Volume 102, June 2016, Pages 208-215), and Shanxi Penghua was the first author of the paper.

Based on years of research in the laboratory, breakthroughs have been made in the large-scale industrial production of nuclear graphite materials. In 2016, a pilot scale amplification of nuclear graphite materials for liquid molten salt reactors was achieved, and all of its performance parameters reached the project technology. Indicator requirements. On June 15th, a special lead unit organized by the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized an expert review of the development process and performance indicators of the molten salt reactor nuclear graphite developed by the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute. The head of the review team was chaired by Professor Liang Xiaoxiang of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, and Wei Zhanhai, head of the material supply department of China National Nuclear Corporation, served as the deputy head.

Professor Guo Quangui, chief researcher of the Central Laboratory of Carbon Materials, Shanxi Coal Chemistry Institute, Xia Huihao, researcher of Shanghai Yingshi Research Institute, Party Committee Chairman Fang Xijiang of Fangda Group Carbon New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and Chairman of the Chengdu Carbon Responsibility Co., Ltd. Shu Wenbo attended the meeting. Guo Quangui, the project leader, gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the expert group. The expert group reviewed related materials and conducted on-site inspections. After discussion, it was agreed that the thermal physical properties of liquid molten salt reactor core graphite developed by Shanxi Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. meet the requirements of the moderator graphite in the reactor. Requirements, the formation of large-scale molten salt reactor nuclear graphite preparation process.

The liquid molten salt reactor core graphite developed by the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute has achieved the stabilization and mass production of large-scale nuclear graphite under the premise of satisfactory performance, filling the gap in the domestic nuclear graphite manufacturing, which will greatly promote China's commercial molten salt nuclear reactor. development of.

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