The exterior wall thermal insulation material is mainly used for building walls, roofs, and tunnels, roads, and landfills, etc., and serves as a kind of flexible building material product that can withstand rolling rain and groundwater leakage and can be rolled into a roll. There is no leakage connection between the engineering foundation and the building, which is the first barrier for waterproofing the entire project and plays a vital role in the entire project. The main products are modified asphalt waterproof membrane and high polymer waterproof membrane. Modified bitumen membranes have elastomeric (SBS) modified bitumen membranes, plastic (APP) modified bitumen membranes, and asphalt composite tires.

Asphalt waterproofing membrane (SBS) modified bitumen membrane and modified bitumen membrane (APP) modified bitumen membrane is based on polyester tire or glass fiber tires. Asphalt composite tires are based on asphalt. The composite material is composed of two materials. Most of the composite tires are compounded by chemical fiber rags and high-alkali glass fiber mesh cloths. They are not easy to dip coating, mold, water resistance, and durability. Therefore, they have a short service life. Used for occasions where temporary buildings or fortification levels are not required. The standard clearly stipulates that in addition to SBS coiled materials, any other bitumen waterproofing membrane made of modified bitumen, tire base, and top surface material may not be called 'SBS' coiled material.

First, the packaging logo. The above three types of materials alone do not differ much from the outside, so we must first look at whether the packaging and labeling are standardized. The sign must indicate: the manufacturer's name, trademark, product marking, production date or batch number, production license number, storage and transportation precautions, are indispensable. Each roll should be marked and must be marked in the order specified by the national standard. At the same time, it should be noted that the storage period of coils generally does not exceed one year.

Second, look at the base. The method of tearing the edge of the web by hand can be used to determine whether the tire base is consistent with the mark, whether it is completely saturated, and meets the requirements of the standard. The base cannot have unsaturated white marks or light spots. Polyester tires are extremely difficult to tear and break by hand, and the asphalt and the tire base have good affinity, while asphalt composite tire membranes are often easy to tear and can be observed by tearing.

Third, determine by physical performance testing. Trim 0.8m coils for physical and mechanical testing according to standards, and meet the standard requirements for qualified products.

Polymer waterproof membranes are usually divided into:

JL1 type: EPDM rubber waterproof sheet is a homogeneous waterproof sheet made of EPDM rubber. It is an internationally recognized high-grade waterproof material characterized by high elasticity and extensibility. Good, weather-resistant performance is the preferred material for key projects.

JL2 type: Rubber (rubber and plastic) blended waterproof sheet is a waterproof sheet made of rubber and plastic or rubber and rubber. It is the waterproof material that is inferior to EPDM waterproof sheet. Its characteristics Good flexibility, excellent adhesion, and weather resistance are only inferior to EPDM sheets.

JS2 type: homogeneous resin waterproof sheet main material is EVA, which is characterized by strong water resistance, ozone resistance, suitable for construction under harsh environments, and its good welding performance has become the preferred material in subway and other underground projects.

JF2 type: non-vulcanized rubber-plastic blended waterproof sheet, the main material is rubber and plastic, rubber and rubber are blended. After the rolling, it only needs to be parked at normal temperature, and the production efficiency is high. Relatively poor performance.

FS2 type: polyethylene polypropylene membrane has strong anti-permeability, high tensile strength, good low temperature flexibility, small linear expansion coefficient, easy bonding, large friction coefficient, good stability, non-toxicity, strong deformation adaptability, and adaptability to temperature Wide range of performance, long service life, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, puncture resistance and other good comprehensive technical performance.

When you choose to purchase, you must also pay attention to whether the content of the product mark meets the requirements of the standard. When signing the contract, you must specify the implementation of standards, classification, size and other specifications.

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