1, buy a door to buy solid wood doors

Chinese people tend to love solid wood products for ten minutes, but they ignore the natural properties of wood. The stability of solid wood doors is not strong, and it is more prone to door deformation, fission of joints and surface cracking than other types of doors. In fact, the performance of solid wood composite doors with good environmental performance is not worse than that of solid wood doors, and even the stability will be better than solid wood doors.

2, the heavier the wooden door, the more solid wood door

It is impossible to judge the inner of the product from the weight alone. The weight of the particleboard is sometimes heavier than that of the solid wood. Although the raw material used to make the particleboard is broken wood, a lot of adhesive is applied during the production process. After the adhesive is cured, it accounts for a considerable proportion of the plate. Its weight is not light. In addition, due to the difference in the size and thickness of the door leaf and the filler of the door core, it also causes the weight of the wooden door to be different. Therefore, the specific weight is not the most reasonable basis for judgment.

3, shop around, choose cheap

Wooden doors are not the same as other products. Consumers can only see the surface of the door. The internal quality cannot be judged. Even if it is an expert, it is sometimes difficult to judge the internal appearance of the wooden door by observing the appearance. It is recommended that consumers not only map. The price is cheap, and the inherent quality of the product is neglected. The environmental performance of the door is extremely critical. Instead of buying a cheap solid wood composite door, it is better to choose a free paint-free door, so that the environmental performance is more secure.

4, through the door lock hole to determine the door core material

Some "smart" consumers observed that the door lock of the wooden door was installed on site. Why not observe the core material of the purchased wooden door through the hole of the door lock? However, in the manufacturing process of the wooden door on the market, in order to make the lock more secure after installation, the strength of the door lock hole area is strengthened, and most of the lining is used. Therefore, the wooden door is inspected through the hole of the door lock. The core material is not very realistic.

5, only pay attention to the door fan, do not care about the door cover

When consumers choose wooden doors, they often only pay attention to the quality of the door leaf. However, many of the after-sale problems of wooden doors are actually from the door sets. There are three kinds of solid wood multi-layer door covers, MDF door covers and solid wood door sets on the market. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the MDF door cover is relatively poor, and it is easy to cause the wooden door to sink and scrape. The solid wood door cover is generally tooth-joined, and the screw is easy to form a smashing phenomenon. The best choice for solid wood composite doors is the standard door panel with solid wood multi-layer board, which can guarantee the service life of wooden doors.

6, never allowed color difference

The chromatic aberration problem cannot be completely avoided. Paint-free doors of the same suit may have different colors due to different factory batches of the cover materials. It may happen that the color seen by consumers in the store is slightly different from that at home. The paint door of solid wood skin is even more so. The parts of the wood veneer are different, the age of the wood is different, and the color of the cut pattern is not the same. It is also black walnut, and some may have darker colors, which may be shallow. This is due to the natural properties of the wood; the difference in the number of paint passes and the difference in the color of each paint may cause slight deviations in color, so consumers should not excessively pursue the color difference of the wooden door.

7, the wooden door cracks that require return

From the perspective of protecting the environment and conserving resources, it is recommended that the wooden door products have problems. It is normal for the paint door to have fine cracks. Wood has the characteristics of shrinkage and swelling, which is a natural defect of wood. This problem has been difficult to overcome since ancient times. The current technical means can only minimize the occurrence of cracks, but it is impossible to completely eradicate it. The fine cracks in the paint door can be solved by maintenance. The return to the factory is not the only way. Some minor problems can be repaired in the consumer's home.

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