With the rapid development of the times, the types of floorboards have also increased. Today, I would like to recommend a good floor- linen floorboard for everyone. Flax flooring is a kind of elastic flooring. Natural environmental protection is the biggest advantage of flax flooring. The energy consumed for extracting these raw materials is very small, the production process is pollution-free, and environmental protection does not fade. Here's my follow-up to learn about the advantages of linen floors and how to buy them!

The advantages of linen flooring

1. Flax, which does not belong to a new floor variety, has a history of more than 100 years. The current technology is quite mature. Linen flooring has been successfully used in all areas of the world and has over 40 years of engineering experience. Linen flooring is resistant to wear, and the flooring is made of a homogenous structure, with a pattern and color appearance that guarantees long-term, bright ground.

2. Environmental protection and health are the focus of attention of users during the renovation of new houses. Linen flooring, made of pure natural materials, its main components are flaxseed oil, rosin, limestone powder, to a certain extent, to ensure its environmental protection. In addition, flax flooring is a biodegradable floor, and when it completes its life cycle, it can be completely biodegraded, without destroying the natural environment and ecological balance at all.

3, the advantages of linen flooring in addition to environmental protection, but also has the advantages of easy cleaning and maintenance, it does not require as careful maintenance of wood flooring. In addition, the linen floor also has the function of inhibiting bacterial growth, and is particularly suitable for use in places with high sanitary requirements.

4, there is a prominent advantage of linen floor, that is powerful, it can decorate different spaces. Including: anti-skid, anti-pollution, noise reduction, anti-static, etc., so whether it is office decoration or home decoration, linen flooring can be competent.

Linen Flooring Tips

1, product appearance

In the process of home renovation, the choice of floor color and material is particularly important, because the floor is the basis of the entire home improvement. In addition, the floor design should pay attention to the collocation of the color, while also considering the purity and brightness of the color.

2, floor quality

Due to the different raw materials on the floor, of course, there will be great differences in prices. In this remind you: Do not be misled by the name of some non-standard floor, it is recommended to choose solid wood flooring made of natural color and stable tree species. Then check the moisture content of the wooden floor, moisture content is too high or too low, in use are likely to appear arching, expansion and contraction and other deformation. High quality flooring, moisture content up to standard, can effectively extend its service life. When choosing a large wooden floor size, adhere to the principle that "should not be short and should not be narrow and wide". If your home uses floor heating, the wood floor should be relatively thin.

3, floor stitching

Randomly extract a few floors to splice, and check if the hand feels smooth. The inspection of the workmanship of the floor is mainly based on observation and feel.

4, paint quality

When selecting a floor, first of all, it is necessary to observe whether the surface paint film is full, smooth, and whether there are bubbling or perforations. Many manufacturers on the market today are unable to paint the edges.

Edit Summary: The above is about the introduction of linoleum, linoleum with good thermal conductivity, can inhibit bacterial growth, permanent anti-static, decorative, widely used in hotels, offices, hospitals, supermarkets and public places for people to provide comfort The working and living environment.

Linen floor

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