Early spring prevention and control, do a good job in the Qingyuan. In the winter and spring, the orchard was thoroughly cleaned and the damaged leaves were collected. In the early stage of grape growth, when the damaged leaves are found, they should be immediately removed and burned to avoid spreading.

Peel the old skin in winter and eliminate the overwintering egg; the grape in the early stage of the grape growing period is sprayed with 80% dichlorvos 1000-1500 times during the nymph hatching period.

In the end of autumn, the litter and weeds of the vineyards should be removed in time, burned or buried in time to eliminate the overwintering eggs; use their sham, to capture and kill adults and larvae, especially to catch small larvae clustered on the lower leaves.

Clean up the vineyard weeds, burn the dead branches and leaves; spray 10% imidacloprid 2000-3000 times solution, or 50% malathion emulsion, 40% nicotine sulfate, 2.5% fish vine essence 1-2 days before flowering 800 times liquid, have a good effect.

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