Perfect wallpaper maintenance Wallpaper is like a woman. For these beautiful wallpapers, we must also learn to maintain it:

1, wallpaper tilt handling wallpaper tilt is generally due to the weather temperature and humidity changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, generally only need to use professional wallpaper glue paste, and use flat objects, such as books, such as table tennis racket Press a pressure.

2, the treatment of the blistering of the wallpaper If the wallpaper inside the home has blistering, it is generally due to the uneven glue applied on the wall surface, resulting from the lack of glue and foaming. The sewing needle can be used to place a small hole in the foaming position on the surface of the wallpaper to release the gas. Take the appropriate amount of adhesive and put it into the eye of the needle to stick it tightly. Finally, flatten the book and let it dry.

3, wallpaper moldy treatment due to excessive indoor air humidity, combined with poor indoor ventilation, mold will breed on the wallpaper. To deal with mildew on the wallpaper, wipe the wall with a dry cloth, add 4 cups of disinfectant solution to 4 cups of water, or use a diluted professional wallpaper cleaner. After mixing evenly, use it to wipe the wall with mold. surface.

4. Damaged Wallpaper Damaged wallpaper is often a thing that is often caused by scratching by a hard object or accidentally bumping when moving. At this time, a small area of ​​damage can be glued and repaired; if the area is large, it is generally recommended that it be re-paved.

Wallpaper is a commonly used home decoration material, wallpaper classification is many, choose the right wallpaper decoration home while paying attention to its clean and maintenance. Due to different materials, wallpapers also have different cleaning and maintenance methods. In order to maximize the maintenance of the wallpaper, we should adopt different maintenance methods for different types of wallpapers.

Metal ceramic or cermet, In order to make the ceramic can be high temperature resistance and not easy to break, the engineer put metal powder into ceramic clay, so made of cermet.


The ceramic phase in the cermet is an oxide or refractory compound with a high melting point and a high hardness. The metal phase is mainly a transition element (iron, cobalt, nickel, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, etc.) and its alloy. Cermets have both metal toughness, high thermal conductivity and good thermal stability, but also has a ceramic high temperature, corrosion resistance and wear characteristics.


Cermet have both metal and ceramic advantages, it is small density, high hardness, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, It is not easy to brittle due to sudden or sudden heat.


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High Temperature Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tube

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