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Timing smooth protection of the bearing during operation

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-12-25

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1, the smooth and smooth smooth bearing is the best in the program equipment stop time; and make up for the time; together; remove the old grease or squeeze out the old grease through the drain hole. Wipe the grease fitting clean. If the bearing housing does not have a grease fitting; then open the bearing housing cover or end cap; in order to remove the old grease; after finishing; make up the same type of fresh grease.
2, smooth oil smooth timing to check the oil level and oil quality of the smooth oil; usually; the normal oil level should be the equipment oil level window or within the range of 1/3-2/3. The oil filling method is the oil cup; The oil level that appears is only representative of the oil replenishment; the oil level of the bearing housing is satisfactory for the operation; the oil level in the oil cup is less than 1/4 of its total volume.
View and replenish the oil method; take out a small amount of smooth oil as a sample and compare it with fresh smooth oil; the qualified unit can think about the oil quality test; to ensure the oil quality is qualified. If the sample looks like a cloud; then it can be with water The result of mixing; that is, the oil emulsification we often say; the smooth oil should be replaced at the moment.
If the color of the sample is darker or thicker, it can be shown that the smooth oil is now carbonized at the beginning; the old smooth oil should be completely replaced. If it is possible; use fresh smooth oil to wash the oil circuit. When replacing the smooth oil ; should ensure that the replacement of the smooth oil new and old type; and make up for the satisfactory demand of the oil level.
Use oil-type smooth system; if the oil temperature is below 60 ° C (140 ° F); and the smooth oil is not contaminated; then replace the smooth oil once a year. If the oil temperature is 60-100 ° C (140- 210°F); replace the smooth oil four times a year. If the oil temperature is 100-120°C (210-250°F), replace the smooth oil once a month. If the oil temperature is 120°C (250°F) Above; then replace the smooth oil once a week.
The correct device and protection are important factors for the normal operation of the bearing; together; it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the bearing. It is necessary for the bearing to avoid contamination by pollutants and moisture; it is necessary to have the correct device and smooth. The description of the bearing arrangement, the condition of the oil seal, the way of the smoothing agent and the replacement cycle and the special protection play an important role; it is necessary to pay attention to it.

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