Environmental protection workers' gloves are difficult to clean, so environmental protection workers must have a skill to clean their protective gloves. Otherwise, they will not be able to cure the problem. The following Xiao Bian came to share with you how to clean the protective gloves.
In addition to the clothes themselves, the protective gloves of the environmental protection workers can not only be a source of dust, but also have the effect of preventing dust from being emitted by the human body. At the same time, they should be equipped with safety protection, comfort, workability, aesthetics, etc. as materials in clothing and design. Basic performance, otherwise due to different styles of clothes, fabrics and underwear, directly affect the number of dust and colonies in the clean city.
Generally speaking, the cleaning gloves of the cleaning staff should be smooth, static, and free of fibers and particulate matter. The size should be loose fit, the edges should be sealed and the seams should be sealed. There are three main styles:
1. Cleansing Work Gloves

2. Separation type cleansing gloves

3. Overcoat-type cleansing labor gloves In general production areas, labor-protective gloves are washed 1-2 times a week. At the end of the work, the control area and clean area workers should promptly replace the labor-protective gloves and put them into the disinfection and disinfection window to be washed by special personnel. Washing and drying of gloves should be done in a clean room to avoid dust and insect contamination. Labor gloves with different cleanliness requirements should be washed separately. After the sterile clothes in the clean area and the control area are washed and dried, they are loaded into the sterilization bags one by one, and the labor-protected leather gloves are sterilized. After the sterilization, make a state mark and indicate the sterilization date. Use the sterile gloves after 2 days.

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