The mesh belt type sintering furnace complete equipment consists of three parts: furnace body, mesh belt drive system and temperature control system. The furnace consists of a feed section, a burn-in section, a sintering section, a slow cooling section, a water cooling section, and a discharge section. Mesh belt drive system consists of high temperature mesh belt, transmission and other components. The operating speed of the belt is regulated by the inverter, equipped with a digital display belt speed measuring device; the speed of the belt can be read directly; the temperature control system is composed of a thermocouple, a digital intelligent PID regulator and a thyristor, forming a closed-loop control system. , can achieve automatic and accurate temperature control.
Equipment characteristics: Based on the original equipment, through its own improvement, the product's sintering quality and speed are improved.

Item specifics

Shower Head material high quality H59brass
shower head size 8" 10" 12" 14`` 16"
weight  1kg-3kg
water pressure 6-8kg
suitable use for bathroom shower,body wash
install connect size G1/2"
warranty time 5 years
package non-woven fabric bag, inner box, carton


  • Relaxing and soothing luxurious spa-like experience - Rainfall.
  • Wide   Shower Head /Made with brass material with chrome finish.
  • No tools required - Installs in minutes without tools.
  • Universal components; fits on all standard shower plumbing.
  • 5 years warranty time to you.

Brass Shower Head

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