As an important place for people to cultivate themselves, the bedroom is not determined by personal preference when it comes to decoration and design, but is mainly based on comfort. Comfort is arguably the most basic principle of bedroom design. And this sense of comfort is first shown as practical and then decorative. The practicality here includes comfortable rest, strong storage and reasonable furnishings, while the decorative features include a mix of bedroom tones and soft furnishings. In addition to these, what are the bedroom design principles ? Xiao Bian now comes to take you to see these bedroom design principles that you don't know!

1, bedroom privacy is the primary

The bedroom is the private area of ​​people. When designing the bedroom, it is the first principle to guarantee its privacy. The bedroom is not only a place for people to rest, but also a place for couples to exchange love. It is the most warm and romantic space in the home. Therefore, the bedroom should not only be quiet and soundproof, but also be able to block people's sight. When decorating the bedroom, a good sound-absorbing decorative material can be used; the door is preferably completely closed with an opaque material.

2, simple and comfortable

The function of the bedroom is mainly to sleep and rest. The complicated decoration will make people feel complicated and uncomfortable to rest. In addition, the bedroom is a private space, not open to the guests, so the bedroom decoration does not need to have too many shapes, usually do not need ceilings, the more simple the better the wall treatment, usually can paint latex paint, bed on the wall Can be properly made point and embellishment. The wall decoration of the bedroom should not be too much, but also should be properly matched with wall materials and furniture. The style and sentiment of the bedroom is not mainly determined by the hard decoration such as walls, floors, and roofs. It is determined by curtains, bedspreads, wardrobes and other soft furnishings. Their area is large. Their patterns and colors often dominate the bedroom. Style, become the main theme of the bedroom.

3, strong storage is the premise of the bedroom to keep clean

Bedrooms generally contain large amounts of clothing and linen. Seasonal and seasonal clothing is only kept in the bedroom to make people feel clean and tidy. Therefore, when designing the bedroom, the storage space must be taken into consideration. Convenience. Both sides of the bedside are best equipped with nightstands, which can be used to place things such as desk lamps and alarm clocks. If there are many functions in the bedroom, you should also consider the arrangement of the dressing table and desk.

4, soft light to sleep comfortably

The main function of the bedroom is to rest, gorgeous or complex lighting or strong light will make people feel uncomfortable, so try not to use the decorative chandeliers that are too decorative, it will not only make your room produce many dark corners, The light will be dazzling when lying on the bed looking up. It is best to use a light that is lit upwards, which can make the roof look high and soften the light without directing the eyes. In addition to the main light source, a table lamp or a wall lamp should also be provided for reading at night or before going to bed. In addition, several spotlights are designed in the corner to adjust the tone of the room with different colored lanterns. For example, the yellow lighting will add a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.

5, bedroom color coordination to coordinate

The color of the bedroom mainly includes two parts: soft and hard. Hard-packed colors include the color of the wall surface, floor, and top surface of the decoration, and the area is large. The soft-pack colors include the colors of the curtains, bedspreads, etc., and the area is also large. The harmony of the two colors must be harmonious, to determine a main tone. In a small or light-lit bedroom, the decorative materials should be selected in warm colors and light floral patterns. The older people's bedroom should use blue and greenish cold colors. The pattern should be fine and elegant. The color of the children's room should be new and bright, and the patterns should also be lively. The young man's bedroom should choose novel and chic. Cheerful and relaxed pattern.

With regard to the related knowledge of bedroom design principles , Xiao Bian introduced it to everyone here. The bedroom is a private area where people relax and relax. When designing, we should follow the principle of comfort. Comfort is not only reflected in the decorative effect, but also reflected in its practicality! For more information, please follow this site!

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