We know more about the brand of comfort equipment, but also can not do without service providers. The service provider, of course, is the most important service. If you do not have a good service, even buying a good product is a loss. There are many kinds of equipment in the comfort system, and which one is chosen is actually determined according to the specific needs of each family. However, some families do not have a clear need for their own. At this time, professional service providers are required to help with the search. There are a group of professional designers to help you analyze, and the on-site experience hall provides real-life visits and experience. In this issue, we interviewed the comfort system service providers who are relatively experienced in the service and allowed them to give some professional advice to consumers.

Complete product is the first step

As a powerful service provider, the most basic is the composition of comfortable products. He should include current mainstream comfort equipment, including air conditioners, floor heating, water treatment, and smarts, as well as brand authorization letters. Some service providers also engage in the construction design of building energy-saving, which is also the mainstream of current energy-saving. Brands, Daikin, Toshiba, Yikou, Kaineng, 3M, Nuoro, Bosch, Weineng, etc. are all well-known brands.

The more experience, the more confidence

Select service providers to choose deeper qualifications, these service providers to meet the needs of many consumers at the same time, accumulated a large number of new products, the advantages of the new system features and application experience, these contents in their classification reserves and in-depth study Afterwards, it is more handy when serving consumers.

Do not listen to sales

When a good service provider sells a product, it is by no means purely a sales promotion. Instead, it should have extensive experience. After fully understanding the needs of users, it can skillfully and sensibly help consumers determine their ideas, select equipment, and explain the benefits and specifics of these devices. Happening.

More than a few programs than to see

Comfortable equipment prices are not low, some businesses to seize this high-end consumer psychology, regardless of user requirements and blindly introduce the import or high-end configuration, whether it is suitable, causing waste. A good service provider should work out different options for each other according to the actual conditions of different users. In this way, no matter how much the consumer's psychological price is, you can choose the one that suits you.

The quality of a fixed construction team is high

Good service providers cultivate their own fixed construction teams and have high requirements for materials. After each concealment project is completed, the company’s own supervision personnel must perform hidden project acceptance to confirm the quality of installation, construction, and systems. Both can monitor their own growth and protect the interests of consumers.

Have a problem know who to look for

The comfort system is divided into several parts. It is very troublesome to find different construction workers for different problems. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, responsible service providers should appoint a staff who will communicate and understand management to follow the entire service, not only to make the process smooth, but also to enable him to be responsible for the system effect of final delivery. .

Pay money or God

Comfort equipment is like a car, not only to open, but also to maintain. Good after-sales service must be regulated, specially prepared for handling various emergencies, allowing users to be more trustful, and no need to worry about "incidents", lifting the worries of the future.

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