How inaccurately electronic scales are used after one year? Electronic scales are a must for many factories because they are the basis for knowing the total quantity of goods. Many people who use electronic scales will develop them. After use, the data obtained by weighing the machine will always be in error. How inaccurate is the electronic floor scale used after one year? How should we solve this problem?
The electronic platform has a weight sensor underneath the receiving plate. A spring is installed around the electronic platform scale. The pressure generated during the contraction of the spring is also transmitted to the load cell so that the pressure of the cargo can be completely exhibited. To the top of the display, after a long period of use, the spring mounted on the electronic loadometer will shrink after a long time of compression. This will result in a decrease in the pressure transmitted to the sensor during the weighing process. The problem of inaccurate data.
What if the electronic floor scale is used for one year inaccurate? - Yajin Weighing Apparatus
The regular maintenance of the machine is also very important. How inaccurate is the electronic floor load after one year? This is also caused by the lack of maintenance awareness of the factory and the lack of regular maintenance. Parts of the machine will suffer from aging problems with prolonged use. Regular inspections are necessary to clarify the operating status of the electronic loadometers. Problems with parts aging can be solved in time. Therefore, the data are not accurately weighed, and the factory is also lack of maintenance awareness. Caused.
When repairing the electronic weighbridge, you must go to a professional to repair it. Check whether the stainless steel sensor system inside the electronic floor scale is running smoothly. Parts that need to be replaced should be replaced in time. Regular maintenance and repair of electronic platform scales. How inaccurate is the electronic floor scale after one year of use? To make electronic floor scales better for production services, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of electronic floor scales.

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