News guide: Since last week, the Rising Sun Premium Package-Community Group started in the Famous Package Experience Center, the Rising Sun Experience Center will welcome twenty or thirty community owners every day to consult on various matters of the community group. Why is the community as a fresh product of home improvement popular with the public as soon as it is launched? What is so special about it? How is the community group called "the king of decoration and money saving"? To this end, this Saturday, the home improvement staff of the Commercial Daily and Rising Sun Decoration launched the "Just Needed Home Improvement in the Era of Inflation" summit forum for consumers, hoping to uncover the mystery of the community-saving home improvement miracle for the owners.

Save money on decoration

Since the launch of the Rising Sun Community Group, owners of major hotspot communities in Suzhou have come to consult, and many owners have swarmed to have a strong interest in this fresh model, from Wenchang Garden, Hejing Fenghui and many other communities. Hundreds of property owners have successively joined the community team.

The reason why Rising Sun launched the new decoration model of community groups at this time is also based on the objective reasons that the current market has been subject to bank loan restrictions and inflation. The rigid demand of the entire home improvement market shows a relatively sluggish state, and there is no money Decoration has gradually become the most anxious issue for many owners after buying a house.

Sun Youfu, Chairman of the Rising Sun Decoration Group, said, "In response to this phenomenon, Rising Sun has built a super-brand community for these rigid demand owners on the basis of the successful operation of the famous brand suits. A wide range of consumer groups, so that more people can finally enjoy the high-quality home improvement services provided by Rising Sun. This community group decoration model not only meets the needs of the market, but also the best form of industrialized home improvement into the community. This is also Our Rising Sun allows more people to have a better home mission. "

Community groups to create a miracle of saving money

As everyone knows, the traditional decoration model can only meet the choice of scattered customers. Due to the relatively scattered distribution of owners and the disordered management model, not only the decoration quality is not well guaranteed, but even the decoration company delivers various kinds to the community. Materials have to consume certain costs, and these costs will be included in the owner's decoration costs. Therefore, this relatively fragmented decoration model is increasingly showing its disadvantages and deficiencies.

In response to this situation, with the advantages of its industrialized home improvement and group operation, Xuri Decoration integrates decoration customers in each community to form a group of customer sources, which not only ensures the overall interests of consumers, but also It also greatly reduces logistics procurement and distribution costs, saves unnecessary expenses for the majority of owners, and saves some decoration costs for consumers.

Zhang Ping, Executive President of Rising Sun Decoration Group said, "In the face of the current decoration market, in order to spur consumers' rigid demands for decoration, it is necessary to go deep into the life of the owners and make decisions that the owners really need. The Rising Sun Suit has always advocated one A money-saving decoration experience, but it does not form a regional sharing method. This time, the community group as a super version of the famous set is to integrate the scattered owner resources and then focus on them for material distribution and unification Construction, let them enjoy more affordable decoration than before. "

In fact, centralized construction in the same community will not only help the company to purchase and distribute centrally, reduce material operating costs, but also reduce the construction and management costs of the project through the centralized construction model, so that community group members are enjoying the value of the four major customer value commitments and In addition to all the discounts, the total price of basic decoration can be saved by another 15%.

According to Zhang Ping, the full implementation of the design fee in the community group will be used to offset the project fee discount, which can save a lot of decoration costs. At the same time, a lot of special famous building materials have been added to the residential group owner Rising Sun, and the main material discount has been further expanded. In addition, the sharing card points held by community group customers can also be used to purchase home furnishing products in the Suzhou Experience Museum, including furniture, curtains, bedding, and accessories, thereby further saving costs.

All-weather management, quality is more guaranteed

The Rising Sun Decoration's launch of the community group is based on the conventional version of the Rising Sun Premium Set. It is a transcendence on the basis of the quality assurance and customer value commitment of the Rising Premium Set. It is the rise of the industrialization construction level of the Rising Sun. The construction team of the community is professionally built by the Rising Sun Army. It is completely fixed and relatively independent. Through the "virtual factory and flow operation", the construction process is more standardized and the decoration quality is more guaranteed.

Cheng Hongwu, President of Sunburst Decoration Engineering, emphasized, "Owners who have been renovated in Sunburst know that Sunburst has always had a gold signboard in the industry, which is the Sunburst Iron Army. This time Rising Sun launched the community group, and we also specially compiled the construction for community group owners The Sunburst Iron Army, they will be stationed in the community for a long time. And we also carry out fully closed construction of the decoration of the community group, all-weather management, not only the quality is no problem, but also can quickly improve the construction efficiency, so that the majority of owners can move into the new home as soon as possible. "

In addition, Rising Sun has made stricter agreements and specifications for the links that affect the interests of customers, especially the rigor of drawings and the accuracy of budgets. The closed contract of "final accounts do not exceed the budget" is adopted to fully protect customer value. Moreover, the community group implements a one-stop service plan for finished product delivery, and customers do not need to participate in various complicated construction process management, making the decoration process easier and worry-free.

This Saturday, home improvement staff readers go to the Rising Sun Experience Hall to get a beautiful gift. They can not only listen to the "Just Need Home Improvement in the Inflation Era" summit forum, and listen to expert advice on how to save money on decoration. In addition, on-site design experts will also analyze the classic apartment types of current hotspot communities such as Hejingfenghui, Wenchang Garden, Landmark Land Lake, and Binhewan. Moreover, the owner can enjoy all the discounts of the regular version of the famous set, and the owner who joins the community can also enjoy a special discount of 15% of the total price of the basic decoration.

At present, among the first group of hot groups like Hejing Fenghui, Wenchang Garden, Sun City, etc., if there are owners from these communities who want to renovate, they can join the community.

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Activity time: May 28, 2011 13: 00 ~ 17: 00

Event Address: Beside Yuexing Furniture, Famous Package Experience Hall, No. 8 Tongjing North Road, Suzhou

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