In home renovation, various combinations of different colors of paint can create a different atmosphere of the home environment. Dulux paint, as the leader of environmental clean paint brand, has always been the favorite of consumers. Well, good Dulux which series it? Let's take a look at the introduction of Dulux series products!

Which series of Dulux is a lot of Dulux series products

Dulux paint introduction:

The ICI Paint Group, which is part of the ICI World Group, is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world. Each year, 50 million households worldwide use ICI paint. If ICI produces more than 1.1 billion liters of paint annually, it will be filled with 1 litre of paint. In the tank, the stacked height of the ICI paint pot will be 13,000 times that of Mount Everest. ICI Paints has established paint production plants in 26 countries around the world. Its products are sold in 100 countries around the world, and it has become a market leader in many countries.

Dulux is the most exclusive paint brand under the ICI Group. In China, Dulux offers two series of products, wall paint and wood paint, to meet the needs of consumers in all aspects.

Dulux product series introduction:

One, Dulux gold 5 in 1 wall paint

Dulux Gold 5-in-1 wall paint effectively repairs and prevents micro-cracking, and CNR elastic particles are added, which significantly improves the flexibility and elasticity of the paint film. It can repair and prevent fine cracks more effectively and make the wall more beautiful. Specially scrubbed, not only easy to pick up a variety of stains, and repeated scrubbing is intact. Strong anti-mildew keeps the walls away from mildew, and it does not appear unsightly mildew in wet weather, lasting bright, fresh smell.

Second, Dulux anti-cracking net wall paint

Dulux's anti-cracking odor wall paint adopts super-penetration technology. The excellent elastic paint film formed has stronger shrinkage and can effectively prevent and repair subtle cracks. Even if fine cracks appear inside the wall, the surface paint film will not be affected at all. Influence, keep the wall lasting and beautiful. Innovative net odor technology to fully filter harmful substances, fresh product smell, make your home environment safer and more environmentally friendly.

Three, 5 in 1 supporting primer

The high-end primer designed for Dulux's 5-in-1 series topcoat can comprehensively enhance the five functions of the five-part series of topcoats. High adhesion and hiding power for optimal brushing results. Applicable to masonry structure, concrete and cement pressure plate, gypsum board and other surfaces. It also applies to properly treated old and new walls.

Fourth, environmental protection wood varnish primer

With the international advanced technology of water-soluble formula, Dulux environmental protection wood varnish primer and Dulux green wood varnish supporting the use of. It adopts the international advanced technology of water-soluble formula to ensure that it does not add benzene, mercury, lead, free of free TDI. After the construction process or construction, it smells fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly. It not only has excellent filling property, but also effectively seals the substrate, and its super strong adhesion can form a hard paint film protective layer.

Five, environmental wood paint (matte)

Advanced water-soluble formula, health and environmental protection, guaranteed not to add benzene, mercury, lead, free of free TDI. Dulux environmentally friendly wood color paint uses advanced water-soluble formula, health and environmental protection, is the first choice for modern home decoration.

Sixth, bamboo charcoal fresh home full effect wall paint

Micropore purification technology, super scrub resistance, ultra-low VOC (20g/L). Based on the full-function function, special micropore purification technology is adopted to effectively absorb and decompose indoor formaldehyde and fully purify indoor air.

The above is a brief introduction to Dulux which series and Dulux series products introduction, I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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