There are more than a month is China's traditional Spring Festival Spring Festival, New Year and New Year, the home decoration should also be changed. The whitewashed living room walls give space to the imaginary space, but it is unavoidable to look faintly like a pixel without a make-up. Learn to wear a make-up on the wall to make your living room look a new look.

Cosmetic wall shelf

For the recipient, no corner is unavailable. On the edge of the sofa, a small shelf is used to hold the magazine shelf. Under the bed, a storage box is used to create a dust-proof storage space. What about the large empty wall?

With a few pieces of wood, you can make several shelves on the wall to place small items, and then you can think about it, brush the wood on the color, or put the small boards into various shapes, with creative and practical walls. Face storage space comes out, and small items can also come out to watch TV with you.

Makeup Photo Wall

How can the art photography of the United States and the United States not be seen in the album? How can there be camera formatting waiting for formatting in the mountains and sea? Have a beautiful sister Amoy will be sun out!

With large and small frames, photographs with happy memories are adorned and individual wall photos are created on empty walls.

Decorative paintings

Don't want to hang your own photo on the wall? Think the photo frame too much burden? Then select a few decorative paintings to decorate the living room.

The decorative paintings of portraits can increase the humanistic color of homes, while the natural landscape decorative paintings give the family more natural flavor. If you are a unique young art artist, various peculiar lines or abstract paintings can highlight the artistic atmosphere.

Edit Comment: The new year is approaching, learn to use a variety of wall makeup to your home's wall of a beautiful makeup, take the time to think of a good dress, with a new look to meet the arrival of the New Year.

Wall decoration DIY small apartment wall decoration

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