The diatom mud and the wallpaper are particularly common, they all play a rich wall effect, we can simply choose their own favorite color and pattern, but in the selection, many owners are more tangled, in the end is to choose wallpaper or What about diatom mud? In fact, whether it is wallpaper or diatom mud, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, Xiao Bian gave you today.

First, price

In terms of one-time investment costs, in general, diatom mud is relatively more expensive than wallpaper. Well, from the point of view of specific use and overall life, it is quite different.

Wallpaper: The price is lower, if you use mid-range wallpaper, in a 100m2 room, the cost is 8000-12000 yuan, and the service life is 4 years.

Diatom mud: The price is higher. In a 100m2 room, the cost is 16000-20000 yuan, and the useful life is more than 20 years. However, according to the economic interest, in 20 years, the wallpaper will need to be changed 5 times, and the cost will be 40000-60,000 yuan; and the diatom mud will be used once and can be used for 20 years. The cost is only 16,000 to 20,000 yuan, and the average cost is 3200 yuan to 4,000 yuan in five years. It goes without saying that the price of diatom mud is not high.

Second, material composition

Wallpaper: formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals, VOC

Diatom mud: no formaldehyde, no benzene, no toluene, no xylene, no heavy metal, no VOC

Third, additional efficacy

Wallpaper: None;

Diatom mud: It has eight functions: 1 Dispel formaldehyde 2 Conditioning humidity 3 Sterilization 4 Deodorizing and deodorization 5 Fire retardant 6 Insulation 7 Noise reduction and sound insulation 8 Self-cleaning of the wall;

Fourth, effect pattern

Wallpaper: Pattern colorful, stylish and beautiful;

Diatom mud: rich and varied patterns, you can make a variety of texture patterns of liquid wallpaper, texture paint, and texture paint. Because of the characteristics of diatom mud itself adding water into mud, you can also personalize customization to fully meet the individual needs of customers DIY. The well-made diatom mud wall has a simple natural texture, elegant elegance, strong texture and soft colors, will not cause visual fatigue, and is beneficial to protect eyesight; German-American diatom mud currently has more than 100 kinds of texture patterns, which can fully meet customer needs. At the same time also accept customer DIY custom.

Fifth, change

Wallpaper: Tear old wallpaper, smear wallpaper glue, change new wallpaper

Diatom mud: Diatom mud rarely involves this change. If you need to change the texture pattern, just do it directly on the original diatom mud wall. Diatom mud wall thickening is also more conducive to enhancing diatom mud wall air purification, thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, respiratory and humidity control and other health effects.

Sixth, maintenance and repair

Wallpaper: Inconvenient maintenance, fear of dirty, and some can scrub but can not repair, because the wallpaper will be used for a period of time, the wallpaper itself will be aging, old, plus the patch effect, I believe that few people fill;

Diatom mud: easy to maintain. Since the diatom mud itself has no static electricity, a large number of negative ions released can balance the positive charge carried by the dust in the air and have a self-cleaning effect. So maintenance is very convenient. Even if the parts are dirty, they can be erased with an eraser. The color itself will not change. It can be repaired and repaired. It is easy to repair, and the color difference is small, and it cannot be seen at all.

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