Abstract In order to attach importance to the spirit of setting up and promoting the role model, and cultivating the correct value orientation and behavioral norms of the students, on the morning of December 5th, the School of Materials held the "Power of Example" swearing ceremony in 31447, Wang Liang, Party Secretary of the School of Materials...
In order to attach importance to the spirit of establishing and promoting the role model, and cultivating the correct value orientation and behavioral norms of the students, on the morning of December 5th, the School of Materials held a grand ceremony of “The Power of Example” in 31447. Wang Liang, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Materials, Ma Wugang, deputy secretary, All counselors, student party members, and student cadres attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Mr. Zhu He.

The “Power of Example” activities were independently registered, rigorously reviewed, publicly voted, and selected at the same time. A total of four types of role models were selected from Party School, Cadre, Innovation and Entrepreneur. At the oath ceremony, Ma Wugang, deputy secretary of the hospital, announced the list of results of the material school's search for "the power of example."

Then, the role model of the party members selected by the event, the example of the cadre, the example of the innovative person and the example of the entrepreneurial achievement are solemnly swearing, and they will be stricter in their future study, life and work, and will play a role in demonstration and leadership. Be modest and cautious, not arrogant; down-to-earth, diligent and enterprising; be brave in innovation, willing to contribute, and serve to lead the students to make progress together.

Secretary Wang Liang gave a speech at the oath ceremony. She affirmed the advanced deeds of the model students selected by this time. She said that discovering, praising and promoting a student role model is to set a benchmark in the student group and construct a ruler to establish a moral style. The role of the model exudes the power to inspire everyone to work hard, which plays an important role in guiding the majority of students to promote mainstream values. She hopes that students will further enhance their ideological consciousness, innovation consciousness, spiritual realm and moral cultivation in the future, bravely strive for the title of model, promote social integrity, transmit positive energy, and internalize the core values ​​of socialism into their specific behaviors. Practice the spirit of school motto "Mingde, truth-seeking, newness, and dedication".

Next, the college will further promote role models, role models and publicity models among students through in-depth grades, classes, and dormitories, and use the advanced and touching stories of the model students to appeal to the students to create knowledge and disgrace, learn Lei Feng, and upright. The school style of cultivating sentiment and promoting harmony plays an active role in the practice of socialist core values. (School of Materials Science and Engineering, Wang Fengyun, Zhang Da)

"The power of role" selection results

Party member role model: Li Wei Xiong Sizu Wei Guanglei Zhou Qinghai Chen Yongjie

Cadre Model: Gao Ming, Liu Tengfei, Li Wentong, Yang Zhongshan, Chen Zhaohui, Qi Xiaoming, Zhang Jinxu, Xu Tao, Liu Yujie

Example of entrepreneurial talent: Li Yalong Yan Bingliang Bao Dequan Peng Xiongfei Xingkong Chuangxing Team (Duan Shizhen Duan Xianzhi Feng Yongzhou Zhao Pengyun)

Innovative Talents Example: Yuan Yanchun Chang Huiming Wan Shuaijie Du Xinyang Wang Pan

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