Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, Beijing’s Qumei, Baiqiang, Qiang, Ntelil, and Green Island have adjusted their operations and management, and actively developed new products. In addition to products, they have also accelerated to the market. The suburbs of Beijing and the major cities and cities in the country will expand and accelerate the pace of channel sinking.

In this regard, the industry believes that although the entire economy has initially emerged from the impact of the financial crisis, the overall demand for the market is improving, but the competition in the furniture industry may be intensified in 2010, especially in the third and fourth-tier markets. Therefore, in these early-stage markets, first-time entrants may be able to take greater initiative and win more business opportunities.

Large business opportunities in the suburbs of Beijing

"The vast world has a lot to do." Zhang Fucai, chairman of the powerful furniture, now often recites such a business. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis last year, Zhang Fucai not only regained the “lost land” in Beijing urban area in the past few years, but also took the lead in opening the furniture store to the suburbs of Yanqing, Changping, Shunyi and Yanjiao.

With the acceleration of urbanization in Beijing, the real estate and home market in the suburbs around Beijing have been rising. "Now the people have almost no furniture, and they all like to buy brand-name furniture that is novel and durable." Consumers in these areas have pockets of money, and furniture consumption is naturally advancing with the times. Powerful Furniture once conducted market research in Tongzhou, its base camp. By analyzing sales information for two months, Zhang Fucai found that more than 80% of consumers prefer to buy nearby, which greatly increased his confidence in expanding the Beijing suburban market.

Although it is only a district and county in Beijing, the level of economic development and the consumption power of the people are no less than the most developed cities and regions in China. Therefore, in this context, the suburbs of Beijing not only have strong brand companies such as “single fights alone”, but also Jimei (view map) Yiyuan, which leads many home groups to station in the home market. In the context of increasing competition in the main urban area of ​​Beijing, opening up the Beijing peripheral market has become the target of some brand enterprises.

"Furniture enterprises to explore the Beijing suburbs market reflects the objective reality of the market." According to Yu Xiusu, vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Furniture Association, home furnishing as a downstream industry of real estate has a strong linkage. At present, the stores in Beijing have already opened to the Fifth Ring and the Sixth Ring Road, which is directly related to the continuous extension of Beijing real estate. With the increase in consumer purchasing power in these regions, it is a general trend for furniture companies to shift their business focus.

Furniture enterprises collective sinking channels

Except for some export-oriented enterprises, most of the domestically-oriented furniture enterprises in 2009 have significantly better market performance than flooring, ceramic sanitary ware and other building materials. According to the survey, active expansion of the channel is the main reason for the domestic sales of furniture companies against the market.

By participating in two furniture fairs in March and September this year, the top 100, strong, Natel, and Green Island have achieved the goal of rapidly expanding the third and fourth-tier market channels. According to reports, the representative brands of Beijing Furniture have successfully absorbed at least 50 agents through the exhibition, which has become an important source of sales growth in the enterprise market.

Products that are marketable are the basis for the sinking of corporate channels. According to Xue Yuming, chairman of Knightl Furniture, the company’s rapid rise in the market in 2009 was mainly due to the introduction of “changeable furniture” on panel furniture. With the post-80s becoming the main force in the purchase and decoration of the society, new products launched according to the characteristics of young people's consumption will naturally be sought after by the market. In the same way as Xue Yuming, Zhang Fucai has done its best to push the popular products. In addition to the original powerful mattresses and panel furniture, Zhang Fucai also introduced sofas and soft beds. The product line is rich and cost-effective. With this style of play, it is only necessary to open 100 stores in Beijing.

Zhu Changling, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association, has a positive attitude towards the practice of furniture companies actively sinking channels and opening up third- and fourth-tier markets. “The furniture market cannot be measured by absolute economic indicators. Some prefecture-level cities and county-brand furniture are also very popular.” Zhu Changling believes that enterprises should accurately track product positioning and consumption positioning. If it is a popular panel furniture product, Consider opening the store to the county, or even the developed urban-rural integration.

Brand heritage or key factors

I used to buy furniture to see the price, but now I look at the brand more. With the increasing awareness of furniture brand consumption, companies with extensive brand awareness have shown obvious advantages in expanding the national market.

According to the survey, the function and design of furniture are the most concerned by netizens. Nearly 80% of the owners said they would choose well-known brands. In small and medium-sized cities, it is difficult to find hypermarkets like Real Home (see map) and Red Star Macalline (view map), so furniture companies often need to expand their markets in the form of specialty stores. In the view of Zhang Fucai, chairman of the powerful furniture, to stand firm in such a market in the suburbs of Beijing, it must be a popular brand that the common people know. If it is a miscellaneous army, even if the price is cheaper, it is difficult to be competitive.

In addition to the brand, having a rich product line is also critical.

Yu Xiusu, vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Furniture Association, believes that the brand awareness of leading enterprises can not only promote the overall progress of the industry, but also the most important thing is to allow consumers to truly enjoy the benefits, some quality, environmental protection, services, etc. The basic problem will no longer be a problem.

1.Product quality indicator

Items Indicator
Excellent First-class Qualified
Appearance Yellow crystalline powder Yellow to brownish yellow crystalline powder
1-nitro-Anthraquinone,%≥ 98 97.5 96.0
1.5,1-8-dinitro anthraquinone,%≤ 0.5 0.8 1.0

2.Physicochemical properties
Yellow needle-like crystals, insoluble in water, soluble in hot DMF and other organic solvents.

This product is an important intermediate of solvent dyes, and disperse dyes.

1-Nitroanthraquinone CAS NO:82-34-8

Anthraquinone, 1-nitro-,Nitroanthraquinone,1-Nitoanthrapuinone,1-nitroanthrachinon,1-nitro-anthraquinon,alpha-nitroanthraquinone,1-Nitro-9,10-anthraquinone,1-nitro-10-anthracenedione,1-nitroanthracene-9,10-dione

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