At present, there are many kinds of household heating systems and the types of radiators that are selected. In the course of development and changes, with the improvement of people’s lives, the gradual improvement of indoor decoration requirements, the improvement of heating systems and radiators, have been proposed to designers. With the new requirements, the following are several commonly used heating systems:

(I) Ordinary hot water heating system

Currently used heating systems are generally vertical single-tube systems, double-pipe systems or single and double pipe systems. Each room or two rooms have a stand-mounted standpipe. The standpipe is located at the corner of the room and the radiator is located in the middle of the outer window. Ordinary wall-mounted radiators can affect the appearance of the entire room. With the improvement of the standard of building decoration, most of the radiators will be radiators. However, the heating cover will take up the area of ​​use of the room and reduce its heat dissipation by about 20%.

At present, commonly used radiators have the following types:

(1) Ordinary cast iron radiator

At present, more common cylindrical cast iron radiators are used. The advantages are that they are not easily corroded by oxygen in the system, the water capacity is large, the thermal stability is good, and the initial investment cost is low. But its appearance is not beautiful enough.

(2) Modified cast iron radiator

Cast iron radiators have many advantages, such as good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, etc., and people are dissatisfied with its appearance. Avant-garde developers have developed a new type of cast iron radiator that is polished and painted. Its beautiful appearance and excellent quality of cast iron, and its low cost, may be an alternative to existing cast iron components.

(3) Steel Radiator System

Steel radiators are available in steel string, flat tube, plate, steel column, and row tube. The shape of the radiator is light and in various forms and can be used in different situations. However, some of the radiators require that the oxygen content in the hot water be no more than 0.05 MG/L, and require the system to be filled and maintained during the non-heating period. This kind of radiator usually does not need to install the heating cover, but its initial investment cost is equal to four times of the ordinary cast iron radiator, makes the developer of the ordinary residence deterred.

(B) Floor Radiant Heating System

Radiant floor heating can effectively improve the comfort of the living room. Moreover, the system can be used to subtract indoor surface pipes and radiators, which is an ideal form of heating. In order to achieve the desired effect, the design process must be rigorously calculated and the construction process must be well-constructed. The average floor surface temperature of the floor radiant heating should be: long-term personnel stay area 26 °C, short-term stop area is 30 °C, buried in the floor of the pipeline can be cross-linked high-density polyethylene pipe, water temperature should adopt ≤ 60 ° C. The difference between the temperature of the return water should be 10°C. A thermal insulation layer should be laid under the floor heating pipe. The thickness of the ground surface above the heating pipe should not be less than 60mm. Ideally, the construction unit should lay the thermal insulation layer, polyethylene pipes and the above 60MM surface layer. The surface of the living room can be cement, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble, plastics, wood floors, carpets, etc. It is best to consider the use of one of these materials.

(III) Hot air heating system

Hot air heating is the use of heaters located in the basement to heat outdoor cold air, and sent to the bedroom and living room through a duct installed in the wall. This part of the air passes through the kitchen and the bathroom, and is discharged outside. The organization's ventilation system. In general, the number of air changes in the bedroom and living room is twice per hour to ensure that people have enough fresh air in the winter. Air flows through the bedroom and living room to the kitchen and toilet, so that polluted air does not flow back into the bedroom or living room. This form of high initial investment costs, operating costs are higher than other forms of heating systems, commonplace in European and American villa buildings, is still rare in China, I believe that will gradually develop in the near future.

(D) hanging mirror or kick plate radiator

Special cast iron radiator. In the room hanging mirror line 2.5m high, to do about 8cm high, about 3cm wide mirror line radiator, or at the skirting board, made about 8cm high, about 3cm wide skirting radiator, looks like an ordinary Hanging mirror or skirting board, can not see the pipe in the room can not see the ordinary radiator, this can increase the effective use of the indoor area. The heating system uses a horizontal tandem system, which can set up a heating system in each household and charge it with a heat flow meter, which is conducive to property management and energy saving.

(5) Heating cable and electric film heating system

A heating method has just emerged in recent years. With the market trend of electricity supply, the power supply sector has gradually introduced some policies that encourage heavy-duty electricity use. Heating cables and electric heating membranes have thus been developed. The heating principle of the heating cable is similar to that of the floor heating, and the electric heating film is usually combined with the ceiling of the room. Because the heating technology of the electric heating film is used to heat the indoor air, the heating efficiency is much higher than that of the ordinary electric heating equipment. . Electric film does not take up indoor space, and it is safe and reliable to use, so it has certain advantages in new heating equipment.

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