As we all know, in the renovation process, such places as the bathroom kitchen must be waterproof, otherwise it will not only cause great inconvenience to the future home life, but will also affect the neighbors downstairs, so when doing waterproofing, Must be careful, then how should waterproof be done?

First, kitchen

1, before the kitchen decoration, we must carefully check whether there is leakage in the kitchen upstairs. If there is, we should let the waterproof project upstairs after the renovation.

2, when the kitchen renovation, if the original wall tiles destroyed and renovated, regardless of whether the original waterproof layer, before re-posted tiles should be re-made waterproof layer, around the side wall waterproof layer 200mm high, there are bathtub parts, The waterproof layer should do all the parts where the shower can spray.

3, the kitchen is not renovated when the waterproof treatment: did not do a waterproof layer, according to the above method to add a waterproof layer; had previously done a waterproof layer, you should carefully check to see if the waterproof layer is in place, whether damaged, otherwise it should be repaired. After the completion of the water injection test, no leakage and no humidity were accepted standards for the downstairs and surrounding walls.

4. After the wet and moist parts of the kitchen are finished, the elevation of the ground should be lower than the elevation of the hall or the corridor ground. The stone that is not afraid of water should be installed in the kitchen door hole. Waterproof treatment should be done at the root of the kitchen to prevent water seepage from the door opening to the living room.

Second, balcony

1, balcony doors and windows waterproof

Waterproof balcony windows, the first importance to the quality of doors and windows, better sealing. If your balcony doesn't have windows at all, or if your balcony window doesn't waterproof well, then it's your second waterproof line.

2, balcony floor waterproof

The waterproofing of the balcony floor is first to ensure that the ground has a slope. The second is to ensure that there is at least a two-three centimeter gap between the balcony and the living room. It is actually difficult to achieve such a height difference because the height difference in the building may be only about 1 cm. At this time you can use a marble plate for decoration, both practical and beautiful. Of course, both ends of the stone slabs should be closed with cement to prevent leakage.

3, balcony floor drain waterproof

In rainy days and typhoons, when the rainfall is greater than the drainage capacity of floor drains, there is a possibility that the balcony floor forms water. When the amount of water is too large, it may spread through the waterproof frame of the sliding door to enter the room. This is unlikely to happen, but it does exist, so always keep the balcony open.

Third, the bathroom

1. The grass-roots level processing is usually to carefully clean the base surface to remove dust, remove cement agglomerates and loosen the base layer; special treatment is performed on the roots, drainage holes, yin and yang angles, and voids left on the wall after the hydropower reform, etc. Should be rounded (or V-shaped);

2, according to the proportion of deployment before the need to understand how to deploy the waterproof coating, the proportion of the demodulation with the amount of knowledge. If not proportioned, the formulated waterproof coating may not achieve the original effect;

3, brushing method Waterproof paint brushing from bottom to top, the first wall after brushing. The time between the first pass and the second pass is preferably about 4-8 hours. After brushing again, it was brushed on the premise that the waterproof layer was not sticky, and the two brushes were criss-crossed.

4. The number of times of brushing the different waterproofing paints may be different, usually two to three times;

5, brushing a high degree of bathroom shower wall waterproof 180cm high, non-shower wall waterproof coating in principle can not be less than 30cm. However, in order to enhance the waterproof effect, it is recommended to achieve a uniform height of 180cm; for the transformation of bathroom light wall or self-built light wall, waterproof height is recommended to do the top;

6, brush thickness waterproof coating must be brushed to the national acceptance specification of 1.5mm thick.

Bathroom key waterproof parts:

Floor drain parts, small water pipes and floor joints, and toilet pipes are often the places where the bathroom leaks most easily. In the construction, it is necessary to focus on these parts. In general, other parts are brushed twice. Here, it needs to be brushed many times; in addition, more leakage occurs below the passstone. During construction, it is necessary to make a zone in advance under the gateway stone. The waterproof must be rolled over the zone so as to form a basin and form the function of water storage and water retention.

Fourth, special area

In general, waterproofing in kitchens, balconies and bathrooms is a key waterproofing project in home renovations. However, there are other special areas in the home that need to be waterproofed. For example, in the basement of some villas and in the first floor areas of some residential houses, the general practice is to apply a waterproof slurry and then to finish the construction. In addition, waterproofing works are also indispensable for some families that install warm floors. Because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the geothermal pipes near the doors and windows can easily generate condensate and penetrate into the concrete structure below. Therefore, before laying the floor heating pipes, it is necessary to apply a waterproof coating first, then do a leveling layer, warm the moisture layer, and then lay a floor heating pipe.

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