The highest level of market competition is brand competition. From the high level of brand competition, it can be foreseen that the current situation will continue to develop. SMEs without precise brand positioning and strong market operation capabilities will be closed down . The Matthew effect, which is tried and tested in a strong competitive environment, will appear: strong and strong, weak and weak.

Strong channel concealed the brand's weakness

The brand of China's furniture industry is really few in the hearts of consumers. It can be counted only by a few of all friends, Red Star Macalline, IKEA and so on. Of the three most recognizable brands, two are distribution channel brands. The impressive home brand in people's minds is only a few of them, which is a strange phenomenon in the business world.
Chinese consumers buy furniture , in order to protect quality and enjoy self-esteem, usually go into the Red Star Macalline, IKEA, and actually home. They take it for granted that buying furniture in such a big store has both quality assurance and after-sales service guarantees. It is also a decent thing. Of course, they are willing to pay far more than the average store. Consumers are heropic, simple and intuitive. In the eyes of the industry, their shopping is often not rational enough, but the number of consumers is large, and they have the purchasing power, and rational furniture dealers only obey them. Because their purchase is the real market demand. The brand of the manufacturer is not convincing at all, and the channel brand appears frequently in people's vision and hearing. Consumers will of course choose such a brand.
The channel brand is very strong, and the manufacturer brand is very weak. Of course, the channel brand has a strong power. It is impolite to manufacturers and sellers, and proposes conditions that manufacturers and sellers find it difficult to accept. This also forms manufacturers and sellers. The root cause of the chain channel brand relationship.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of channel branding, it has actually covered the truth of the weak brand of the manufacturer. At first glance, the Chinese furniture industry is not lacking in brand. As long as the manufacturers are on the big tree of channel brands, as long as the sellers enter the big stores, they will not sell their profits and will not profit. The relationship that looks beautiful is that when the market goes downhill, the contradictions are often caused by the division of profits, and sometimes the two sides will make troubles. Channels want to get more reduced sales gross margins, while manufacturers and sellers insist on retaining more profits in order to cope with the increased costs. The crux of the problem lies in the fact that factories and sellers do not invest enough in the promotion of branding funds in a large sense, and the channel investment of the channel providers requires continuous capital replenishment, otherwise it will be surpassed by competitors. When the difficulties come, the two major investors can't think about it in one place, and they will work together to share risks and share the future.

Brand awareness should be awakened

In recent years, the brand awareness of furniture manufacturing enterprises is not completely absent. Many manufacturing companies have invested a lot of energy in brand building, and there is no shortage of advertising. The product quality awareness is not too strong. Enterprises are still guaranteed. However, the brand we are talking about now is a furniture brand that truly penetrates the hearts of consumers. Every time consumers go into any large furniture store, there are very few brands that have long been in their hearts. Most of them are in the recommendation and explanation of the guides, and they understand the characteristics of a certain brand. From the consumer's point of view, there are very few furniture brands that can really penetrate into their hearts.
In this sense, manufacturers still have a long way to build consumer brands. If you can't build a consumer brand, even though you have a certain reputation in the industry and have a reputation among senior dealers, such a brand can't be said to have been established. Such brands can only be considered industry brands. There is still a long way to go to transform from an industry brand to a consumer brand.
With the intensification of competition, it is difficult for the furniture industry to expect the real estate industry to grow by leaps and bounds. Under such a background, the competition in the furniture industry will inevitably penetrate into the brand competition. Those companies that have no status, no impression, and no word of mouth in the minds of consumers can easily disappear into the ocean of brand competition and lose their market share.
On the contrary, some manufacturers will realize the importance of transforming from industry brands to consumer brands. They will strengthen the establishment of consumer brands, strengthen public brand promotion, and strive to compete for valuable market share from weak competitors. In the brutal market battle, companies without consumer brands will disappear one by one, and companies that slowly build consumer brands will become stronger until they gradually occupy market monopoly.

Precise brand positioning is the future direction

Brand marketing is not about advertising on TV stations, advertising on various media, and advertising on the street is as simple as that. Brand marketing needs more wisdom. It is the precise grasp of consumer demand. It also needs its own products to accurately target consumers' needs, to vote for their own good, or to lead their interest. Companies that specialize in precision brand positioning marketing can always find business opportunities and are not afraid of the strength and variety of competitors. They can always find new vacancies in a saturated competition market, and then cut through this vacancy to gain their own commercial space. Of course, marketing upgrades will lead to many related upgrades, such as product upgrades, design upgrades, management upgrades, manufacturing upgrades, personnel upgrades, and skill upgrades. In all the upgrades related to business operations, marketing upgrade is the core of the core, the soul. Accurate brand positioning marketing can save furniture companies from competing in the Red Sea, freeing them from low-margin and high-cost troubles and gaining long-term survival capital. Accurate brand positioning will be the mainstream direction in the future.

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