Someone once said that even if the world gets worse, food can only be upheld. As a kitchen where food is “originally”, it is a sacred place in the eyes of food eaters. A good kitchen environment, enticing variety of food, people move their fingers. But what kind of kitchen is a good environment? How can you plan and design your kitchen to use it more comfortably and conveniently? To live up to the tempting cuisine and put on a "qualified" kitchen, there are several questions you can ask yourself.

Question about kitchen planning

Q: Which type of cabinet is selected?

There are many common types of cabinets, L-shaped, U-shaped, I-shaped, island-type, etc. Different cabinets have their advantages and disadvantages and applicable space.

Type L: Ideal for small spaces. The cabinets are affixed to the walls on both sides, making good use of the kitchen walls.

U-shaped: Suitable for larger kitchens. U-shaped cabinets make it easy for people to access every item and maximize space.

A font: suitable for small and medium homes or narrow kitchens. The shape of the cupboard puts all the work on a straight line and it feels very compact.

Island Desk: Suitable for families with ample villas or kitchen space. Island-type cabinets have more room for operation and storage, making it easier for many people to work at the same time.

Q: How are the five regions divided?

According to the function, the kitchen is generally divided into five areas: a preparation area, a washing area, a cooking area, a storage area, and a storage area. In the planning of the kitchen, how should these five areas be planned and distributed? These areas need to form an assembly line. After entering the kitchen door, from left to right are: storage area, washing area, preparation area, cooking area, and storage. In order to prevent kitchen utensils, the district can overlap with the four major areas and make it easy to access.

Question about kitchen selection

Q: How about the light in the kitchen?

Kitchen tones must be determined before purchasing building materials. In addition to viewing personal preferences, you need to look at the direction and lighting. If the kitchen is facing east or south and the lighting is better, you can choose some dark materials, such as dark gray Floor tiles, cabinets with warm colors, etc. If the windows are small and there is no light, then light-colored building materials such as white and beige are necessary.

Q: Chinese kitchen or Western kitchen?

When choosing kitchen utensils, priority is given to the habits of using the kitchen. If the home is mainly made of Chinese dishes, then the range hood must be chosen with a large suction force. Generally, the top suction type is the best. And color, for example, because of the brushed surface, acrylic surface.

Kitchen decoration

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