The installation of sewage pipelines is one of the important projects for the laying of household infrastructures. The installation of sewage pipes will provide many conveniences for our family life in the future. However, if installation is not good, it will not only be blocked and silted up in the future. Inconvenience is caused to us, and it is more likely that the sewage seeps into the neighbors' houses downstairs, causing trouble to others and affecting the relations between the neighbors. In the installation of many sewers in the home, it is most important to install toilets and kitchen sewers . Because the two sites are frequently used with water and dirt is generated, special attention must be paid during construction. Let me introduce in detail how to install the kitchen sewer pipe, how to install the kitchen sewer pipe and precautions. I hope to help friends who have this need!

Choose the kitchen sewer way

There are two main types of water in the kitchen: lower drainage and side drainage.

Drainage: Under the drain, the drain is on the ground. The downpipe runs vertically through the floor. The plumbing leads directly downstairs. I use the drain to install the drain at the bottom, so if there is other water, Share a single return trap (figure 4).

I usually use 50 water return bends for the water. If there are other waters, add three links. Use the kind of oblique tee on the way. This will make the water flow smoothly. Most of the time the kitchen water is more complicated. I sometimes go around myself. The reason why the waterway is difficult to do is because the area is too small. There are other appliances in the cabinet, such as garbage disposal, kitchen pouch, water purifier, etc. Some also need to connect washing machines.

Side Drainage: The side drain drain is on the main kitchen pipe. Above the ground, a part of the downpipe leads to the main pipe. Under the drainage, there is a return bend under the building. If the upper floor is re-installed with the return bend, it is double-taste-proof. The side-drain is connected to the main sewer pipe horizontally. Generally only one return trap can be installed.

I installed this type of water by connecting a 45-degree elbow to a horizontal pipe and then connecting it to half of the return-water trap. But note that this return-water trap must be of a triangular type. In other pipes, in general, the side drainage is not as smooth as the following. Later, when I switched to the building materials market, I discovered that there was a special side drainage and one of the meanings that I received.


Choose kitchen sewer material

The current sewage pipes and fittings are generally PVC materials. In the past, there was a monopoly in the building materials city, the quality was quite good, the wall thickness was relatively thick, and it was also very smooth. Now the quality of the building materials market is much poorer, and there is no place for professional sales of such materials. , The general large building materials in the supermarket pipe quality is not bad. PVC water pipes are well-installed, and they are completely self-contained. Their equipment is not worse than the construction team's equipment. Even if they are too lazy to do it, it is best to design their own, and then carry the workers.

First of all teach everyone to know about the water pipe fittings, general basin, pool of water pipe specifications have 50,40,32, these figures represent the diameter of the pipe, that is, 5 cm, 4 cm, 3.2 cm, pipe fittings is also such a specification. Commonly used pipe fittings include sewer pipes, tees, 90-degree elbows, 45-degree elbows, and return traps.

There are also a variety of changes, can connect different types of pipes together, pay attention to the following figure is not the same as the shape of the return trap, the return trap there are two, one is a round, one is a triangle Type, in the figure below, the return trap is round and has more room for installation and maneuvering.

Here is a special introduction to the expansion joints in PVC pipe fittings. If the two ends are hard pipes, the connection must use a telescopic joint, otherwise it will not be able to connect. The function of the expansion joints is a bit like the “travel” of the galvanized pipe. When I remove the water basin, the telescopic joints are unscrewed and the tubing is pulled out together.


Kitchen drain pipe installation method

Most of the kitchen water is more complex, the reason is because the general kitchen is relatively small, plus the cabinet is equipped with different appliances, such as water purifier, dishwasher, kitchen Po, etc., some families will be connected Washing machines, all kinds of electrical appliances have different requirements for drainage. How to arrange them reasonably, practically and esthetically together really requires a lot of brains. There are two main types of drainage pipes in the kitchen: the lower drainage and the side drainage. It is advisable to use a 50 return pipe for drainage. If there is a need to write water, you can add a three-way pipe. The oblique three-way water will be relatively smooth. The side drain is not drained as follows. Normally, the elbow 45° elbow can be installed on the horizontal pipe, followed by a half triangular return trap, and finally the other pipes are connected. Be careful not to use round traps. This is not the case. It is also possible to buy specialized side drain water in the building materials market, which is the same as the above principle.

Kitchen plumbing installation considerations

The space left for the installation of sewers in the average family is not large. Therefore, there must be a general idea when designing the water. Apart from carefully designing the drawings, it is necessary to repeatedly inspect whether the drawings and the construction site are in compliance. Because the drawings are flat, the downpipe is three-dimensional in the specific construction, and the installation effect may be different from the imagination of the drawings. Therefore, it is imperative that the various fittings should be imaginary on the spot and exercised again to ensure that nothing is lost.

Editor's summary: The above is the installation method and precautions for the kitchen plumbing pipe. Tips: To cure the kitchen "intestinal obstruction" related to the introduction, hoping to help meet the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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