Many people who know a little about the decoration will opt for semi-packaging because reasonable arrangements can save unnecessary expenses according to their own situation, and they can also control the effect of home decoration. Today, Xiao Bian talks about it to everyone. Half package advantages and disadvantages.

  What is semi-packaging

Half bag is the main material needed by users for self-preparation, such as floor tiles, paints, floors, etc. The decoration company is only responsible for the construction of the renovation project and the procurement of auxiliary materials such as cement, lime, and sand. This kind of contracting method is suitable for users who have the ability to identify the main materials for decoration, and have the time and energy to purchase, and there are not many kinds of decoration main materials.

The advantages and disadvantages of semi-packaging

Advantages: The advantage of semi-package repair is that the main material with higher value can be controlled by the owner itself, and it can better prevent some decoration companies that make up a lot of money from profiting from it, and the owner can purchase it by themselves, and have better checks on quality and price. .

Disadvantages: Before choosing a half-pack of decoration, it is best to find experienced friends and decoration companies to understand clearly which items are included in the half-package range. After the renovation is completed, it must be carefully checked to ensure the use of the materials you have purchased so as not to be “scratched”.

Semi-pack repair case recommendation

The hostess of this case had a certain understanding of the decoration. When decorating a 120-square-meter home, he chose the half-package method and purchased the main building materials himself. The mix of the American village, the pastoral and the Mediterranean was the requirement of the head of the household, and the main choice was personally selected. Building materials, so that the hostess can better control the style of their home.

The cost of the entire home is about 47,600 and the material cost is 113,000. Floors, floor tiles, paint, kitchen and sanitary ware, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. are purchased by the owners themselves, and other decoration accessories are purchased by the decoration company.

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Semi-pack repair

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